Friday, July 26, 2013

Dear Cat Lovers

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  1. Do you even punctuation?

    Sorry. Had to.

    I’m feelin’ hella swoll today.

  2. Stupid pussies…

  3. Dogs are worse. They always bark at me.

  4. I’m 100% sure that people who think this way have never had a cat love them.

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  6. What the fuck is the OP’s point? Does it think that people buy cats as anti-murder devices? Is it a dull fucking sheep that thinks it’s making a meaningful contribution to the oh so important cat vs dog debate?

  7. This is actually one of the reasons I like cats. Dogs are total suck ups.

  8. If you’re getting murdered by a rake, I’d say you deserve it and the cat is right not to spare you any pity from being attacked by an inanimate object.

  9. My cat has been trying to kill me since I ‘adopted’ it. Of course it is maybe was a feral cat, that I feed.

  10. I’ll bet this guy sat up all night coming up with such a clever post about cats. Can’t wait to find out his thought about the inner lives of plants.

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