Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Strange New Trend

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  1. Dear Todd,

    Fuck you asshole.

    Thank you,


  2. Try my marijuana brownies. They’re named Beatus Mongous.

  3. Try my powdered toast. I scrape it from the back of my head.


  4. you’re no steeever, powderedtoastman

  5. How bout if I say


  6. I still want to go have a beer with steeever so we can yell our names out in the bar.

  7. There is a strange new trend, it’s called recycling jokes.

    Jokes old and has been used before. Get original. This is not surprising in an age of remakes.

  8. My colleague said she was done with eating boneless meat. She tasted this bone named Dick, and loved it.

  9. Today it’s tuna, tomorrow it’s cat food.

  10. Cat food? HE ATE YOUR FUCKING TUNA SANDWICH! Now man up and deal him some real punishment. Fucking cat food. Who hasn’t eaten cat food before**? Shit, catfood is better than most processed foods you find on the shelves, and at least cat food tins are honest about what they contain.

    **When drunk

  11. i dare him to try the yellow lemonade sitting next to the burrito.

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