Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nicely Done!

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  1. Dan_Fargis bitchezzzz!

  2. Oh such wit

  3. Codename Dutchess

    Micah, your girlfred IS the sock. Take ‘her’ out of the equation and you’ll be forced to reconcile with that cheating bitch of an ex, the ole right hand.

  4. Name blurring fail :p

  5. 1. *yawn*
    2. should be pretty easy to fish that wanksock out of his real doll’s mouth.
    3. (Now we’ve established that I am a horrible cunt) I truly hope that is a black armband on jason because someone he loves died recently.

  6. That’s the hair of the girl in front of him, duh.

  7. that just ruined my day.

  8. Hold your duh #6. The hair of the girl in front of him? Perhaps–if her hair is made of yarn or licorice!

  9. On the other hand, Micah sucks very nicely

  10. @ #8
    Actually it IS her hair… just looks funny with the rest of her cropped out. Its taken from a pic of me photo-bombing someone, which explains why I’m out of focus and standing behind a licorice-haired girl 😛

  11. I fuken hate licorice.

  12. There goes the hair debate… Never, ever, give an explanation before there’s been a truly heated, insignificant argument. It was coming, I could feel it

  13. Whilst Jason was being terribly original when he had the seed of thought of a “what I see” vs “what you see” concept, I wonder if he tried different poses to get his interpretation across? that being said, lamebook has recently risen up to reclaim it’s lame status, and Jason is the star on top of the tree. welcome back lamebook.

  14. I’m actually quite impressed by this. Clear, succinct and amusing.

  15. I don’t see that guy when I look in the mirror.

  16. Totally lol’d at the last one.

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