Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Decisions Decisions

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  1. First!! I grabbed my boobs just because!

  2. boobs .. someone say boobs?

  3. Mmmmmmm……boobs…..

  4. I can see this comment section won’t be getting anywhere fast. mmm.. boobs..

  5. Guys Night Out Prostate Exam sounds like a fraternity pledge ritual.

    Funny how I googled the mammogram ‘party’ and the first 10 or so results were for centers in central Illinois. Do people in that part of the country really have nothing better to do?

  6. serious “if health care has to go on these stupid stunts, it shows how much the people care about their health…thats close to nothing…Ladies get checked regularly please.” /serious

    BTS – Ladies want a free online mammogram send me pics of their boobs via email …I also do cnuts! xD

  7. @tofu: You have to remember that some parts of Illinois have some backwoods rednecks. You have to watch what bars you go to around here or else you may never be heard from again.

    Just ask the three people locked in my basement.

  8. Whoa now, no need to hate on Illiois. It has produced many great people. People such as Jane Addams, Ernest Hemingway, and Jenny Garth.

  9. ..not to mention John Wayne Gacy. He’d have been up for the Prostate night out, I’d wager.

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