Tuesday, July 12, 2011


More morons here and here…

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  1. Meh. At least there were no hand jokes…yet..

  2. faaaaaiiil

  3. i still wanna see zacks plan of attack part II

  4. Nationality? Doesn’t that imply what country you are a citizen of?

  5. if they are copying car keys i wouldnt mind one too…would make stealing one much easier!

  6. I likedBradley and Daryl’s stupidity 🙂 but I want to kill Kate

  7. Shannon’s got a point, but they can just file down a key until it will fit into the hole and operate the vehicle.

  8. anyone who starts off something typed with “ok um” is a moron.
    as for #7 up there, thanks for the great tip, using that logic i can widdle a wooden stick into a key and start any car.

  9. what’s wrong with the first one? Kate was legitimately in search of knowledge and then noted when she had her answer. She’s already ahead of half of America.

  10. 8 I said a key. As in, METAL Key. Or actually, since you probably will either retort with another smartass remark from not getting it, there was a news special where people were filing down a car key, to use it to steal other people’s cars. Understand now? I really hope so.

  11. Let me add this for good measure…METAL CAR KEY. They were taking their keys, and altering them to steal other vehicles.

  12. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Today I learned that saying a whole group of people looks alike is not prejudiced at all.

    I loved the second one!

  13. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @8 Are you dyslectic or are you just being a bit of cunt?

  14. Um…censorship fail.

  15. Yes i understand you Keona but i just dont get how they can do that in a quick amount of time. They are stealing a car, use a screwdriver. I worked at a hardware store as a teenager and saw how they pulled apart locks to alter them so all the locks would use the same key. It was a tedious and time consuming job that only one guy knew how to do. Criminals are sometimes clever, i just am curious then how they do this in a quick amount of time.

  16. Actually, I had a car in high school which could be unlocked with a friend’s key. He had the exact same year/model as my car. The car was a 92 model.

  17. I had a locksmith explain to me once, when I lost my key, that there is typically only 8 varieties of keys for each model. It would be too labor intensive to have each auto of each model to have its own key.
    That’s why sometimes a locksmith can just get the key knowing the serial number of the lock. So the chances are 1 in 8 that similar makes and models would have the same key. And sometimes the keys are close enough that one key might open or start another auto without being the same, as was the case with my car.

  18. oh so this is all because of car companies being cheap, i get it now. I didnt factor in the lazyness, save money aspect of key making.

  19. CommentsAtLarge

    my college roommate used to routinely use another friend’s key to unlock his Honda Civic — apparently there was a time in their production when they only had very few different key varieties (possibly less than 8)

  20. quite possibly less than cool, indeed

  21. *facepalm* I’m going to assume everyone talking about keys here has never had a car worth more than a McDonald’s paycheck.

    Modern cars can be -unlocked- with a key of the same shape as the lost key but cannot be started with that key. Why? Because keys are electronic now. Now, if a person is walking around with a bunch of keys for your particular make and model and they happen to be blanks, the thief can unlock the car, insert the key in the ignition and then go through a series of steps dependent on the make and model to program the blank key to be a key for that car.

    tl;dr Keys aren’t just pieces of metal anymore, they have to “talk” to the car.

  22. *whittle

  23. also… *dyslexic

  24. Kate reminds me of two teachers I had: one in middle school (who was more innocent in her ignorance) and one in high school. Both of them thought that Jews belong to a different race, but the high school one actually tried to argue that Jews are considered a separate race (from what, it depends). Of course, this is the same teacher who tried to argue that Yeats is pronounced “Yeets” and Keats is pronounced “Kates,” so it’s not surprising.

  25. I don’t understand why saying a race of people all look the same is racist. How is it racist to say mexicans are dark skinned with dark hair. Or Chinese are mostly pale skinned with epicanthic folds. If people of a certain race didn’t all look the same, there wouldn’t be a need for a definition of that race.

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