Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heavy Load

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  1. shadowwhisperer


    First ?

  2. vaginalroundhouse



  3. It’s “Laptop” you moron. NOT “labtop”

  4. How come the wall says “Apple store” but the reply comes from “Apple Store”?

    Hey, what a coincidence! I just won an iMac, iPhone or iPad just because I checked the comment section! Life is good!

  5. seems fake cant find original page

  6. Paul is a fucking retard.

  7. ftw!

  8. The ‘comment’ and ‘like’ button are switched… fake

  9. OMG! Something on the internetz is FAKE?!

    I don’t care, I like (the idea) that they (would take) took the time to calmly advise against such procedure.

    The Apple Store doesn’t have much faith in the human (male) race if they feel they must intervenen there.
    Then again, the Apple Store is likely right to intervene.

    I bought the waterproof iphone app yesterday and I plan to test it in the bathroom later on

  10. intervene*
    It’s the german in me

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