Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dirty Deeds

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  1. It would have been ten times better if that lunch challenge was from a place called “The Sausage Barn.”

  2. Beatus, eating out from “Red Lobster” sounds dirty enough, doesn’t it?
    Let it thought settle in for a moment.

  3. shit was funny, yo

  4. The Pink Taco, perhaps?

  5. Sheila and her friend seem like a bunch of dirty fucking sluts, maybe Derrick should challenge them to take a dick in the throat. After a bit of double throating, he should spank those bitches hard until their cunts are lobster red.

  6. At least Elsior is creative. And he’s got quite the pornographic vocabulary.

  7. I’m back!!! did you guys miss me?

  8. ^ You were gone?

  9. This is something I’d picture a drunk college-aged woman to do. I’m guessing Derrick is on the fence with his sexuality or just reacting to a body with lower than average testosterone levels. Either way, Elsior is an idiot.

  10. yeah! I posted a (yes just 1)comment in here ~12mths ago! jez, can’t believe you forgot about me. I see nothing has changed, steeeevo still around, t0001 be calling it all fake.

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