Friday, June 25, 2010


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  1. lol

  2. What a sweet prank… I kinda want to do it now. This was pretty funny 🙂

  3. not as bad as the twilight one.

  4. She said she’s been getting e-mails for weeks Keegan, ya dumbass.

    I’m sorry. The prank did make me laugh, but that really bothered me xD

  5. STEVE!

  6. Keegan has a case of the “I don’t read things all the way through.”

    I think the twilight one was a lot better.

  7. Yes, the Twilight one is better, prank-wise, but her reaction is funnier in this one.

  8. and they made her disabled! Classic.

  9. Because insulting disabled people is fun! Yeah…um…no.


  10. Her friends are real winners.

    Except by “winners” I mean “shitheads”.

  11. I just re-read this. Paul made me giggle.

  12. @I am not here

    But it’s not insulting. It’s allowing potential suitors to be pleasantly surprised. How many times has the fat girl angle, or a 8 year old picture misled us? This way they’re like “I was expecting a Carapalegic, but you’re not a gimp at all!”

    That paralyzing realization would certainly send a shock up my spine.

  13. MachineGun Monica

    @ I AM NOT HERE…what a buzzkill you are. Why are you even on this website??

  14. @MachineGun Monica not sure what you’re talking about, he is clearly not on this website.

  15. Why am I on this website? Because occasionally things are hilarious.

    This post was somewhat funny. Soup’s response fit what I was going for, but apparently sarcasm is lost on the internets.

  16. One of my high school friends had a habit of filling out coupons for embarassing/sick things in magazines and newspapers in other people’s names and sending them off. More than one of my friends got “free information kits” on fungal infections, sexually transmitted diseases, obscure religious groups etc.

    He ended up getting suspended for making up flyers saying things like “Lost – one large butt plug” and “Lost – one king-size tub of anal lube” with another student’s home phone number on them and putting them up all over town…

  17. Has anybody seen Big Red around anywhere?

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