Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don’t Be a Dick


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  1. Mocking the American’s was so much fun, and so easy when Bush was around, but with Obama we can’t do it anymore (well not with as much conviction anyway). I’m glad to see that Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi has stepped up to take the crown as the World’s Idiot and in the process taint every other Italian. Bravo Silvio.

  2. worldofwarcraftisgay

    lamebook is very slowly becoming lame itself

  3. Thesaurapist 13(F)


    “very slowly”?

  4. Procrastinator is wrong. Crotch is not slang for penis. Raf is right, it applies to both sexes. Crotch merely refers to the area containing the genitals.

  5. This site is indeed becoming lame. People should really skim the comment section before they post… about 5 people have now explained the difference in pronunciation between “crutch” and “crotch,” and several more have explained what a crotch is. We get it. Now I also feel lame for scrutinizing a Lamebook comment thread. Dammit.

  6. Well said, mittens. Sigh.

  7. i like turtles

  8. Baby, you’d love my turtle.

  9. worldofwarcraftisgay

    @Thesaurapist 13(F).. people writing ‘first’ at the start.. it’s making lamebook live upto it’s name

    @mittens.. very true

  10. @worldofwarcraftisgay

    I agree, lamebook is living up to its name more and more. I can’t believe how booklike it has become.

    I was one of the first to explain the difference between crutch and crotch.

    One smells bad and is often pressed up against armpits. It gets dirty and used and sometimes broken. And the other is a crutch.

  11. @mccowles- I approve of this definition. However, I’m having a hard time imagining why somebody would want a crotch pressed against his/her armpit. Meh, to each his own I suppose.

  12. @mittens

    You’ve never had a Pit-Grind? Or a Dirty French Woman? You hvaen’t lived until a crotch is mounted under your arm and the legs are wrapped around your shoulders for support. At least that’s what I’m assuming.

  13. Sidenote: How can someone be a foreigner on the world wide web? Wouldn’t that make you an alien from outer space?

  14. I love Giselle’s friends. Fact. I am having a complete laughing spaz right now.

  15. @mcowles-

    You’re right, I haven’t lived, you have opened my eyes! I’m definitely going to suggest the Dirty French Woman to my boyfriend. Thanks for that visual, it made me giggle.

  16. @mittens. and @mcowles
    *snorts with laughter*

  17. Poor Chris set himself up for that one!

    On the repetition of comments issue; Yeah it is annoying when virtually the same question/explanation is written again and again and again. But then again, anyone who doesn’t have a whole hour of their time to spend reading every single comment under every single post has to cut the process down a little. If I come upon a post rather late in the game and it already has over 50 comments I usually get bored halfway through and skip down to what I’m about to say.

    So, in saying that.. Who wants my definition of crutches?!


  18. Bah, you people are idiots. foreinger (sic) wasn’t calling Raf a dumb foreigner, he was calling himself a dumb foreigner and asking to be let in on the joke. Learn to read.

  19. @Raf

  20. Dutch

  21. I know we don’t all have time to read all the comment threads in their entirety, but if you pay enough attention to notice that some idiot said crutch and crotch are pronounced the same way, wouldn’t you also notice that 3 people had already told that person off directly below the original comment? Oh well, it really doesn’t matter.

    So jelly, what’s a crutch?! Is that like a penis?!?!? I don’t get it!!

  22. “De pot verwijt de ketel dat hij zwart ziet.”
    The pot calling the kettle black. Or accusing the kettle of being black.

    Sorry if someone else already said it. It’s six am and I’m in a hurry so could nly skim the comments

  23. It’s 6am, you’re in a hurry, but you can’t leave the house until you leave a comment on Lamebook. That’s soooooo lame dude. Get a life man

  24. Laughed until I cried at this one.

    That made me giggle.

  25. FIRST

  26. dang! just missed it

  27. @mccowles – tee hee! you funny!

    Drue – funny, but he spells his name ‘Drue’. Lame parents.


  29. its crotches, NOT crutches. facebook said so.

  30. dont ya just hate the iphone.

  31. HAHA goed gesê!

  32. SomeRandomChick

    I love America!

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