Friday, October 2, 2009

Drop Dead


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  1. I know this guy Jason who vacations at Crystal Lake every summer. And spring, and fall, and winter. He’s up there pretty much all the time, in fact, and seems to know the terrain really well. I wonder if Grandma met him?

  2. Crystal Lake is in Michigan, which means she’s referring to Bronco Bash as the beginning of the school festival for Western Michigan University.

    As a Central Michigan University alumni, my view is already that she is a cunt.

  3. This makes me so damn happy 😀

  4. I think #49-Mandy got it right.

  5. Fail

  6. i’m kind of embarrassed that i go to the same school as this bitch. i promise not all broncos are this obnoxious.

  7. LMAO owned

  8. Ah the consequences of being addicted to making sure everybody knows what you’re doing via a facebook status = your very own lamebook entry

  9. This is hilarious! Good researching, Bill!

  10. Lol Western Michigan Go Go Go

  11. I laughed my ass off. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  12. She’s a heartless bitch, Bill FTW!

  13. Well she might have planned her vacation and then her Grandmother ended up dying; it’s not impossible. Bill should ask her mother, or the like.

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