Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not Smarter Than a 5th Grader


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  1. smarter than a border collie

  2. She likes collages… nice. Also, how is she single and also in a relationship? This blows my mind O.o

  3. when you’re dancEing, anything is possible.

  4. I hate run-on sentences and spelling danceing wrong and people who are single and in a relationship and i think it’s awesome that she likes to glue a random arrangement of newspaper and magazine clippings on to a piece of paper…..and

  5. that is my life.

  6. little neices and nephew sthat is her life. good to know theyll have a nice role model.

  7. How did this person make it out of the 2nd grade?

  8. Mom, I got the biggest boobs in 5th grade.

    That’s because you’re 27 !

  9. Born on April Fool’s Day.

  10. Maybe her spelling is the joke…

  11. Leave her alone,she goes to collage…

  12. and what collage did she attend?

  13. “about border collies”

  14. well I’m smack in the middle of “Your Sony Dvd/Vcr instructions” and I’m engrossed! I think I might read Hemmingway’s “Cabinet Repair” next

  15. She was born on April FOOL’s day 🙂 Just saying 😉

  16. The Scarlet Pimple

    Hey @me, I dunno about that. Border collies are pretty smart…

  17. Maybe she IS a border collie.

    Also if she is single it’s either an awkward pic of her and her ex or a picture of some famous country singing duo. >.<'

  18. She’s probably from Ohio.

  19. Parent trap?! HAHAHHA, We should stop messing with her cause seriously she is like 6 years old!, and pretend to be older not to be kicked out from FB cause u need to be 18 at least.

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