Tuesday, June 11, 2013


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  1. Dork.

  2. He probably would if he could

  3. he probably uses his teeth and as a result, his pimp bitchslaps him

  4. Dawn of the Dan

    Who the fuck clicks “like” on a stupid fucking status like “Who Up ?”

  5. ^^unfortunately no matter how stupid or pointless a post is, some dumbshit is going to “like” it.

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ^ Especially if it is a hot girl’s status.

  7. ^because ‘if I like it, she might talk to me’

  8. The Person Above Me Suck Dick ^^^^^

    Somebody Screenshot This Lol

  9. its funny cuz its true

  10. Lols at trosty…

  11. Hahaha, Beatus.
    Well done. A+

  12. whoa, trosty sucks dick?

  13. Its worse because It’s true 🙁

  14. So is this guy offering cause if you close your eyes…

  15. Mother of comments. Well done, lamebookers. Had me rolling.

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  17. For the love of god. Please post pictures of your classmate’s step-aunt. I think I might have seen her on chat-roulette!

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