Thursday, March 3, 2011


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  1. TheIncredibleMrGQ


  2. just…wow. On all accounts.

  3. Stop snitching.

  4. I’m a bit confused about Alisha asking Jess to describe the guy.. Is she retarded?
    The mail includes his name AND his picture. Jessica obviously has never even seen Dupree before, what kind of description would she be able to make?

  5. The only thing I can figure is Alisha got the notice of the message on her phone, so she wasn’t able to see the letter… but even then, Jessica does tell her it’s the guy you’re in a relationship with. Plus, the “sexy” with only the kid’s pic up is creepy.

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I wont go into details after getting moderated a couple of times, but the gist of it is that everybody up there is smoking crack. Jessica less so than others.

  7. Bliss, the joke is supposed to be that Alisha is “in a relationship” with so many guys she needs a description to know who Jessica is talking about. She’s a ho, basically, or just stupid. (And Jessica has seen Dupree in his profile picture, so she can describe him from that.) But that doesn’t change the fact that Jessica is kind of a bitch any way you slice it.

  8. to give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she read the message from her phone and didn’t see the screen shot. I refuse to believe she’s that stupid.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Jessica IS a bitch.

  10. apologies trouty fish, I didn’t refresh

  11. What’s the big deal? Jessica’s kids ARE sexy!

  12. meh, Jessica’s just trying to do Alisha a favor and let her know that “her” man is trying to muh dik random women on Facebook. Isn’t that why most people left Myspace?

  13. Agreed…I don’t know if I can classify that as bitchy…self-righteous and uptight sure.

  14. I bet all the people saying Jessica is a bitch are dudes. I think she’s the equivalent of a good samaritan, really.

    Alisha probably doesn’t give a damn about Dupree… but imagine you are in love with someone who’s only pretending to be monogamous with you – that sucks.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Now imagine trying to fuck someone who will only have sex with you if you pretend to be monogamous with them, THAT sucks.

  16. There’s plenty of people who don’t want monogamous relationships, both those that look for non-monogamous relationships and those just looking for a hookup.

    Pretending you want to be monogamous to get someone to fuck you is pretty shitty.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    You know those people who don’t want monogamous relationships before sex? They are called dudes and most dudes don’t want to fuck other dudes.

  18. #7: To the best of my knowledge, Facebook only lets you be ‘in a relationship’ with one person at a time – and once initiated by one person and accepted by the other, your name will show up on their profile and vice versa. If Alisha and Dupree once updated their status to say they were in a relationship with one another and subsequently broke up but both forgot to delete the relationship status (and only ONE would need to delete it for the name association to disappear), then either they don’t use Facebook very much, are both completely retarded, or I’m gonna have to go with what Dukey said in #6.

  19. Huh, with it saying “Duped” at the top and the male/female sign next to it…I’m going to have to be honest and say I was expecting Alisha to be a man. I am kind of bummed by the turn of events.

  20. Ooh Jessica, people get kneecapped for touting like that!

  21. If I was Alisha I would WANT to know if the person I was in a relationship with would say that to another person. Jessica is being a good person and I don’t think she deserves to be called a bitch. She’s doing Alisha a favour by telling her what a twat her boyfriend is.

  22. I don’t think Jessica is a bitch at all. Personally, I would have just ignored the creep and minded my own business, but that’s just me. On the other hand, if my boyfriend was behaving in such a way, I would want to know. But the random, “hey sexy” message when Jessica’s profile pic is of her children…. combined with Alisha’s confusion… all I can say is wow. That and I hope that she and Dupree have no kids together. Talk about the shallow end of the gene pool!

  23. Yeah Jessica is no Bitch in this one, normally I side against this opinion but as she clearly stated it is her children she has as a profile picture and this loser is just disgusting.
    (Granted he probably wasen’t talking about the kids and it was just one of his auto pick-up lines he generated)

  24. what i dont get is how she accepted the relationship request without knowing it, since you need to confirm that you’re in a relationship with someone.

  25. You guys are reading too far into this. She got the message on her phone and couldn’t see the screenshot. She asked to describe him because Jessica didn’t give his name or anything. Duh.

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