Monday, February 25, 2013

Every Time

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  1. Wow. “Five-ever”. That’s like taking “4-ever” to whole. Nother. Level.

  2. Only for you Jesse, only for you.

  3. the green man came?

  4. I love this.

  5. Throatwobbler Mangrove

    This is hilarious.

  6. Sad, the lack of intelligennce is heartbreaking!

  7. I read this and I do cry every time. For humanity.

  8. My brain hurts reading this.

  9. Rode? Ded?
    What is going to happen to us?

  10. odd how “Whispered to her corpse” is the one coherent thought spelled correctly.

  11. I do indeed cry tears of blood every time I come across such a post or poster.

  12. I’m sorry, I can’t read Moron-ese.

  13. Why was some green dude cumming on a sign?

  14. What should you do if, when you’re walking through the forest, you come across an elephant?

    Wipe it off.

  15. Have you ever seen the movie Idiocracy? Well, this is more proof that we are headed to the future predicted in that movie.

  16. Have seriously none of you ever seen this on youtube? Go check it out, it’s hilarious! Search 5ever and it’ll be the first one

  17. Y’all this post is a joke…but I’m pretty positive Lamebook has posted someone else making the same one before

  18. I want to punch Jesse soo damn bad!

  19. Please…pick up a fucking dictionary. For the love of all humanity, pick up a fucking dictionary!

  20. What do you do when the Jolly Green Giant comes through your window?

    Swim for your life!

  21. The only thing better than this post are the Lamebook comments!

  22. How does something that can be copypasta’d deteriorate so badly?

  23. Jesse needs to hook up with Lizz. And then a speeding 16 wheeler needs to hook up with them both.

  24. ^^ Frankenstein, my thoughts exactly. These things are getting worse and worse.

  25. You got it Caug! Let’s start watering the crops with Gatorade right now!!!!!!

  26. “boner”

  27. The spelling and grammar on this post makes me cry every time.

  28. This kid stole this from a youtube video. And apparently the entire world is stupid enough to think it’s really him.

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