Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Family Failures

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  1. STEVER!

  2. Someone needs to throw Brittany down a flight of stairs and name that shit ZaMisskarrage

  3. Or what about naming it Dark Lord of Desire? Angelblood Blacksoul? Oh! Oh! Oh! I know! The Corpse Prince Vladimir!!!!

  4. I’ve always wondered how to pronounce Xoche’. Now I know – it’s so-chel-a, duh!

  5. ItMightBInteresting

    @tikitommy: if that doesn’t work, I’m sure that once her kids reach Kindergarten and have to learn how to write their names, they’ll want to kill her as well…

  6. Uber UserName Man has declared that stever is now his personal property and WILL sue anyone who tries to use him/it in any way.


  7. And yes, curlybaps link is excellent, so I stole it πŸ™‚

  8. I’m guessing Brittany is black??

  9. zehvidia is way to close to chlamydia.. poor kid.

  10. Am I the only one wondering where the “L” part of the pronunciation of Xoche’ is?

  11. Please, dear God, tell me she’s naming WoW characters and not actual children.

  12. well said #2!

  13. Nope, can’t work out that pronunciation either. Jesus Christ, no wonder she’s having a hard time trying to pick a name. I thought it was difficult enough just picking a normal one. Good luck with that Brittany.

    And you, Uber_UserName_Man. You thief!

  14. Samie….it can be cum/ come, smelled/ smelt/ spelled/ spelt, and various other variations of words commonly misinterpreted as being misspelt. Though, you might want to fix your name…I don’t believe that is a variation.

    How the fuck do you get an l from Xoche’? One of those sneaky, nonexistent silent letters, eh? Clever mommy….

  15. OH LORD. Brittany’s facebook is a hot mess. Seriously. Go search this status.

  16. http:// youropenbook . org/?q=if+it%27s+a+girl+i+was+thinking+ZaRhianna&gender=any

    nope she’s not black

    (take out the spaces)

  17. I actually went to high school wit ha girl named Xotichal… or something, I can’t remember how she spelled it, pronounced social. I actually really liked the name for her. It’s not very common, but it’s not that bad either.

  18. I found that Brittany chick in facebook…
    One of her friends said this: “I told you already, name the child Thunderclap. Who else do you know with the name Thunderclap? If you don’t use it, I will.”

  19. I sympathize for that poor kid… A lifetime of having to spell your name out for people, correct their pronunciation (or lack there of), and explain it’s origins (or lack there of). Worst thing is, your first name is forever – I have a complicated last name that’s been the bane of my existence all my life – I look forward to getting married mostly because I’ll be able to finally change it to a nice, simple English name that even a toddler could pronounce.

    And, to top it all off, his/her mother is clearly a twat

  20. You know what gets me? It is spelled come. Cum is internet speak. Argg..

  21. Jellica: I have a nice Irish surname. We should have sex to see if we’re compatible for marriage.

    Antiaphrodite: I always knew Penthouse and Swank were written by time travelers. Like there was anal sex before the internet. Silly.

  22. Look I hate re-cycled jokes as much as the next fella but i refer you to my previous comments re: stupid fucking names.

    I asked my Son what he thought of the name Zevidian, but he didn’t find it amusing at all.

    Then again little Fuckapighardinthebum has never had much of a sense of humour.

    This joke was brought to you by the letters F U and the number 2.

  23. No one else has seen fit to mention Patrick’s stupidity?
    “He’s my grandpa’s brother so he’s still my grandpa, right?”

  24. #14 Keona, please tell me you’re joking. You don’t actually think “cum” is a valid alternate spelling of “come”.

  25. I think Samie is jumping to the wrong conclusion. Perhaps her mom is about to go on a rampage of throwing ejaculate on those who don’t like Linkin Park.

    There are some names in other cultures that aren’t pronounced the way you would think from spelling them (ex: Xotchil, traditionally a hispanic name from the Aztecs, is pronounced So-chee). That being said, Brittany is still just a dumbass.

  26. @soup: I’m in – even if the sex proves that we’re not compatible for marriage, at least if I get pregnant we can give the baby your surname so he can live a nice, normal life as an O’Connell πŸ˜‰

    (sorry, first stereotypical Irish name that came to mind)

  27. Samie it’s ‘it’s’ not its.

  28. Brittany, just call it “Failure at life,” regardless of its sex.

    Better yet, just call it “Cum Guzzler,” regardless of its sex.

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