Friday, July 2, 2010

FANtastic Friday!

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  1. ben

  2. Tom would like these posts.

  3. Agreed.

  4. the twilight one made me LOL

  5. I’m all for seeing Blade kill Twilight vampires. He would be doing even more justice by targeting those ones in particular.
    Fuck it though, I’m becoming a pirate… In samalia (spelling?)

  6. is Tom implying that Dane Cook isn’t funny? Dane Cook is hilarious.

  7. Yes Wonderbread, that is why it is lame. Because Dane Cook is so very very hilarious.

  8. ah…I see.


  9. I’m pretty sure there’s a bone…there.


    my humor may be off but this is what the blade/twighlight one reminded me of

  11. scottishstereotype

    If blade were to show up in that next shit film I would actually pay to go sit in a cramped cinema with teen girls creaming everywhere to watch the sorry excuse for a vampire get his dead arse killed again.

  12. wow twilight …. sigh sorry lack of caffine

  13. You just don’t care any more, do you Lamebook?

  14. I would settle for the creaming girls Scottish

  15. As long as someone kills him. Or Meyer, I’m not picky.

  16. @Irejs: Seriously? You may want to brush up on human anatomy.

  17. I vote for the last one.

  18. scottishstereotype

    @nuff you need to get yourself down to a cinema dude! It’s full of them. Just look pale and dip yourself in glitter. 🙂

  19. Hello!
    These were alright, didn’t get a smile from me, though.

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ Nuff, I was also hoping “creaming” was not a typo by Scottish.

  21. Hey, I joined the Twilight Blade massacre page aaaages ago. Look at me, all ahead of an internet trend for once!

    Fuck everything, I’m becoming a pirate.

  22. LOL Wonderbread! I’m am going to go there and admit I am a fan of Dane Cook and I find him quite hysterical. An ex had him on CD, and we were driving back from a wedding, hungover, occasionally pulling over to puke, and he still made us laugh the whole way back.

  23. I know people who like Dane Cook, but he makes my ears bleed. I can not stand that guy, and will never understand why people find him funny.

    It’s like, he makes stupid noises and stupid voices and bounces around, and people laugh. Am I missing something here?

  24. I’ve seen Dane Cook in the movie Waiting. Nothing else, I don’t want to ruin the funny. Batwing anybody?

  25. I’ve never seen Dane Cook in, on, near or around anything, and from what I’ve heard about him (her?) I hope that I never will.

  26. If you like Dane Cook, you haven’t gone through puberty.

  27. BritishHobo, you should give that movie a viewing. You will consistently laugh at everything, considering the rest of the actors are pretty great. Then you will understand the Shenanigans reference… And never want to eat at a restaraunt again.

    @18 a bit delayed, but I could never bring myself to fo’ that, or pull it off. My tan is too awesome first of all, and it’s far too gay, even to get pussy.

  28. CommentsAtLarge


    Anytime I hear the name Shenanigans, I think of Super Troopers.


    I say go for Meyer; if I learned anything from real vampire movies, it’s to go for the creator and not just the underlings.

  29. Well I laughed at the last one, and I’m going to join it.

  30. Ironic that we are talking about Dane Cook in here and circumcision in the other one. Cook is uncircumcised himself (so are a lot of the liberal Hollywood celebrities)

    Whatever happened to the comedians that didn’t need to cuss and act like drunken doped up frat boys? Not that I dislike a good joke. A good one I tell some of my “rougher” students in Bible class:

    A boy asks his father if he can use his dad’s car. The father says “No, not until you cut your hair”. The boy replies “But father…Jesus had long hair!” to which his father says22222, “Yeah, but Jesus walked everywhere.”

  31. The movie Waiting is brilliant, Dane Cook is not… in my opinion

  32. dan circumsison is mewtilaton of wat god gav u rememba y wud u do that? it anit cleena anyways it dunt caus problams it anit hard ta cleen

  33. @yoink – I’ve missed your unique style of banter. Anyway, I already responded to that issue in another post (katypants raised in whilst apparently engaged in a no-pants anal sex party??).

  34. wel i anit seen that an i cant be bovad to look i av a forskin dunt se wats rong wiv it its natral

  35. You forgot the hardcore street drugs Dan. You can’t forget the drugs.

  36. So Dan is for mutilation and the propagation of a practice that now poses more health risks than benefits (though whether or not it ever posed any benefits is questionable), but every other manipulation of the human body is forbidden. Contradictory much?

    Also…funny lamebook today!

  37. I’m taking way too many psychadelics. He’s here, but he’s not here. Ahhhh!

  38. Wait, I am here? Where am I?! AHHH!

  39. I don’t understand how you can find Dane Cook not funny…the Oprah skit is gold.

  40. Meh. Twilight bashing is getting old.

  41. Fargis’ comments are funnier than these Lamebook posts.

  42. I am circumcised.

  43. @dan_fargis
    Hey Dan! I would strongly recommend this site to you. I think it has some insight scoop on religion…
    Dont forget to thank Sensible Madness for his work.

  44. sigh!!Lamebook is not that much funny anymore..I am a long time reader but too lazy to comment..
    @dan_fargis..dude..u made me register for this site.. I just cant decide whether u are insane or funny..:/

  45. Dan fargis is a phony….he is obviously an athiest masquerading as a follower of God to get people to hate Christians. He is a sad little man…

  46. It’s “atheist”. “Athiest” sounds like out of all the athy people, he’s the most athy of all.

  47. @dan fargis, you missed the part of the Bible where Paul says that circumcision is a false teaching. Hint: try Galatians.

    Maybe they should find a teacher for your Bible class with a greater familiarity with the book.

  48. @riotlibrarian

    did you never check out any books on sarcasm?

  49. If Dan Fargis is just doing this ironically, he is an even bigger loser than if he actually believes what he says.

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