Friday, May 14, 2010

FANtastic Friday (Part 2)

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  1. So…you don’t like waking up to a boner?

  2. Who the fuck fingers their sister? The beauty of family is that familiarity allows you to skip all that bullshit. Talking, romance, foreplay: not necessary. You can just stick that shit right in there. My one eyed baby Ooogan is a testament to maintaining our single branch of the family tree.

    Dad wishes he had my access, but sis always complains that his dick tastes like my ass.

  3. Oh sure, I enjoy waking up with a boner at my disposal. In fact I enjoyed it just this morning. But I resent being tricked into publishing unauthorised newsfeed stories.

  4. Yes, labeling and grouping together an ENTIRE fan-base is indeed pretty lame.

  5. #54, ICP is pretty lame in general, i hope you’re not a ‘juggalo’

  6. I understand that ICP is lame, but to classify every single one of their fans as the same thing — as I’ve seen happening a lot around the web — is even more lame. You don’t see groups called “Deport every Radiohead fan” or “I hate all fans of Green Day”, you know?

  7. Umm…every Radiohead fan isn’t dressing up like a demonic clown and labeling itself a Juggalo.

    In any case, your argument is ridiculous. The term “Juggalo” wasn’t tokened by anyone but ICP and their fanbase. They WANT to be excluded into that group. And that’s fine by me. It’s easier to pick ’em out.

    Let me reiterate: Not all of their fans are lame. The ones that dress up like fucking clowns and call themselves stupid fucking names like Juggalo are lame. They started it…no one else.

    Get it?

  8. Someone that likes Star Trek isn’t a Trekkie. Somone that gels there hair, alters their ears and puts an upside-down V on their chest is a Trekkie.

    It’s not fucking rocket science, dude.

  9. *someone


  10. Juggalos are everywhere! You will never get rid of us!

  11. Insane Clown Pussy sucks (And the got owned big time by the Real Slim Shady! )

  12. @Bucky Fellini
    You just ruined my life with that youtube link… I couldn’t stop it because I couldn’t believe that it was really happening.

    That explains everything!

  13. Nuff,

    I apologize. I realize it was difficult viewing. I felt it was simply my duty as a resident of this planet to share the perils of our civilization, to set forth in motion a united front against stupidity.

    At the very least, good for a laugh, no?


  14. Okay, I guess I’m not the hippest of individuals and had never heard of Insane Clown Posse before. So thanks Bucky for the link. I learn so much from Lamebook. Fuckin magnets, how do they work…really? Oh. My. Garsch.

  15. There are miracles all up in this bitch.

  16. where do people find this stuff??

  17. @ImSlimShady- ICP definitely got fucked by Eminem. No coming back from that for them. But shit, I still like ’em. Also… there are other artists that are ‘juggalos’ that also advertise it and have worse lyrics… look at them.

    @seriouslywtf- People find this stuff on facebook. Hence the name of the site.

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