Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fantastic Photos

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  1. 9 will be giving the rim jobs.

  2. ^for sandwiches?

  3. Sandwhich? Sandwhat? Jeez, I thought you had to know how to spell to be a teacher. Apparently not.

  4. #3, Just judging by the all caps handwriting, the teacher was male (just a trend I’ve noticed). If that’s the case, then he has little sandwich experience other than eating them.

  5. Fake. YOLO is not true. James Bond tells me so.

  6. What a funny way to only live once. If I was afraid I was going to die tomorrow I would definitely throw my sandwich…well not this sandwich. This sandwich is delicious!

  7. Bring_back_fingering

    YOLT T1000 except grenade launcher + lava. Hasta la vista

  8. How did the newspaper not notice that?

  9. Hawkbit – they may have. “Hey, you guys realize this says… aw fuck it, the entire print news industry is in the shitter and I hate my goddamn job anyway. Let’s go to press.”

  10. the headline was deliberate. they’ve been doing that since before print was “dead.”

  11. I’m doing my best to replace those 6,000 lost rim jobs.

  12. ^

  13. My favourite quip re: this headline: “Cue the sad, rusty trombone.”

  14. @11 Wait. You’re giving rim jobs now? Hmm…

  15. I heard about the 6,000 RIM job loss crisis… the ironic thing is only the arse lickers got to keep their jobs.

    Fuck off the lot of you.

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