Thursday, May 31, 2012


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  1. “Outside” was the best answer. Whomever posted it wins today.

  2. Whomever is incorrect.

  3. Irrational fear of whales? Go suck a Dick and stop attention seeking. How often in your day to day life do you come across a whale?

  4. Velocirobber, you are correct, and I am incorrect. It is “whoever”. Whatever.

  5. #3 Obv. a lot you cunt, didn’t you read that dudes comment? She’s fucking fat you moron! Which means her parents are probably fucking fat, and if she has a boyfriend, he’s probably fucking fat too, it’s a whole fucking pod of whales…

  6. I’m sorry, what I meant to say was “MAN THE FUCKING HARPOONS!”

  7. #5, hey Dick mitten… Why don’t you pull out your tampon, take a deep breath and then come up with an actually clever or funny response. Sorry, I try not to mock people with obvious signs of retardation but being called a cunt really pissed me off… Cock.

  8. ^fatty!

  9. Incorrect.

  10. Yeah, good one… Shit wad.

  11. ^fat cunt 😀

  12. That’s better

  13. warmstorybro, you are fake.

  14. ^ my favorite T1000 yet

  15. T1000, you make my naughty parts tingle. Like a giant vibrating dildo.

  16. If she has a fear of whales she should face her fear and move to Cardiff, no wait, that’s Wales

  17. Really capn? Maybe you should get your eyes checked, yarr.

  18. Shut the fuck up and grab a harpoon hawky, they’re getting away! 🙂

  19. who gets upset online at merely being called a cunt?

  20. Cunts get upset when you call them a cunt.

  21. ^you do?!
    will you get upset enough to FOAD?

  22. As I already explained to another one of you retards, I’m an evil space robot from the future. Therefore I’m incapable of emotion. But since you’re a woman I don’t expect you to be able to understand this.

  23. ^shut up, retard.
    no one gives a fuck what you think.

  24. I am not a robot. I am a cybernetic organism.

  25. You’re both a couple of horse’s ass cheeks.

  26. renketsuwarrior

    Lol @ #4

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