Friday, July 9, 2010

It’s FANtastic Friday!

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  1. If people attach links to their names, the fakers can’t have those and thus can’t show up as blue. It’s how we’d know Soup or Ee or Katypants was fake. Maybe it would work for Word? Would hate for her to leave. 🙁 I’ve been reading the comments since the whole Ben debacle (and before) and have grown attached.

    Also, who ever is doing this has far too much time on their hands. My vote is FredNordie taking lamebook down from the inside still. Any theories? And hooray for admins working on it!

  2. I hope they sort out the screen names … if word goes I will die a little inside but still punch the clown to the image I have of her.

  3. katypants..Hi, I was just curious because you mentioned the effin’ hot weather …Ontario?

  4. krasivaya_devushka

    hey alords; how’s it going? 🙂

  5. fine thanks.

    friday night is jam night. hope i don’t come back later to surreal plot strands for a second time; after a crate of beer and a smoke it might be slightly harder to get my head round things this time around!

    are you at work today…? 😀

    (if you’re at work then i’ll know it’s not the real krasi!!)

  6. krasivaya_devushka

    Uhh, now I’m afraid to answer lol!

    Of course it’s me duhh; and yes, I am working.
    Well not really, I’m just googling things and texting. It’s a very slooow morning.

  7. interestingly, snooped at dasha’s facebook profile the other day (the one i was having sex dreams about), and on her feed it says she knew anna chapman, one of the russian spies.

    maybe the kgb or fbi have infiltrated my dreams!


  8. Oh my fucking god. How the FUCK did I miss that?? That must have been posted the night I accidentally got really blasted after work. WOW. Ok, I know that you all have had a few days to process yoink but fuckmesideways.

    I am going to go have a smoke.

  9. lol @ katy xD

    when i started reading it last night at 2am (190 comments having already passed me by), i felt like i was in some parallel dimension, or like i was one of the raiders of the lost ark…. or something. maybe a chimp trying to solve a shape puzzle to get a banana.

  10. I talked to word, via other sources. I think she’ll be back once they sort out the names. Well, at least I hope she will. She’s my partner in crime, without her it just won’t be the same.

  11. Ok. I am better now. Slightly.

    Bulldog, had I known it was going to be open bar, I would have made it happen 😀 haha! And yeah, this weekend we have 60% chance of rain so although it’s needed, I’d rather it be hot than rainy! Boooo

    And hey mass! No, I’m in Rhode Island (no, it’s not part of New York haha!) But it’s been hot as a sinfulmotherload. One day this week my car said it was 111F. Is Ontario hot too?

    LOL Alord, I think I would have just shut the laptop down had I stumbled into that last night.

  12. katy, did you reference this-
    (2nd pic)

    -on purpose? or was it a freaky coincidence?

  13. Fuck you sideways, Katy? Alrighty…

  14. Wow, no. Weird! Although, I took a picture with my phone too to send to my mom because she didn’t believe me. I didn’t see that post either 🙁 work has sucked the life out of me this week.

    Hey ee! T minus 4 hours to adult beverage time!!!

  15. Well, Bulldog… any way works. Sideways, upside down, swinging, hanging off the ceiling fan. It’s all good 😉

  16. Gotta love those sex swings katy!

    Yup, the clock is ticking!

  17. hey katy…yeah, we just had 34C here for 4 days .. that’s about 96F but with the humidity .. crazy hot. Sat in my a/c’d pad and with Alexander Keith’s, John Player’s and Mary Jane.

  18. CommentsAtLarge

    Name jacking, Word leaving, Katy in a sex swing… all this before 11 AM in Sunny California, wow.

  19. Katy, I can go for any of those ideas. Or a few others. Want to leave work early and drop by? 😉

  20. Do I ever!! However, Bulldog, it’s going to be a couple hours. Unless you can get that Delorean…

    And oh, mass, doesn’t make you love a/c!! I don’t know what people did before them. I like your friends… I think I may have met them before. Small world…

  21. Katy, no Delorean, I’ll just let the anticipation build…

  22. CommentsAtLarge

    1.21 jigawatts!

  23. You know, back in 2006, Miss Pluto was giving Miss Earth a run her money. Miss Earth didn’t like that one bit, so she used her many connections to get Pluto off the ballot, permanently.

  24. ZydrateGirl… Repo?

    Also i 8 ur dog is clearly either a) yoink overstaying her already tested welcome or b) a humourless pile of wank.


  25. Committee for Termination, I was indeed inspired by Repo! It’s one of my favorites. 🙂

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