Monday, May 9, 2011

Fantastic Photos

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  1. Exactly. It is not okay to be fat. VERY FEW people NEED to be fat. It has severe environmental, societal, and economic repercussions.

  2. I definitely agree that obesity is unattractive and detrimental, but the blanket statements that are being made are rather ignorant. I have a family member who is overweight, and they eat well and exercise vigorously 5 times a week. However, they have no thyroid; it was destroyed during radiation treatment of a tumor. Therefore, it is incredibly difficult for them to lose weight. That’s hardly “greedy” or “lazy” or whatever.

  3. Jesus Christ you guys are ridiculous lol. I am 5’8 and pretty much all my extra 15lbs is in my ass. I gained like 15-20lbs when I got on fuckin’ birth control. Also I can’t just “go for a run” because I’m waiting to have my 3rd knee surgery. It’s a vicious cycle. (I’m only 23 and am on knee surgery #3 for stupid extra cartilage that gets caught in my joint). I’m not even technically overweight yet… I’m just not comfortable with how I look.

    Wait. Why am I defending myself to anonymous people on the Internet? sigh.

  4. I kept waiting for Vincent to say “he wanted to punch fat people in the face until their blood came out of them” to prove he is Suroor’s brother.

  5. Also I’m not saying women should be stick-thin. Seeing a super skinny woman is MORE disgusting to me than seeing an obese person. I’ve always had curves and a butt and whatnot but yeah. Whatever. I just want a flatter tummy and slimmer thighs, goddammit!

  6. Who says skinny is healthy anyway. I’m far from fit … drinking, smoking, little excersize, junk food. But hey, at least I’m not fat eh.

  7. Amen, curly. I know plenty of unhealthy thin people, but at least I can be in the same room as them without wanting to chunder.

  8. Hahaha, I just passed up the biscuits that were being passed round because of you people!

  9. If only the fat fucks of the world had your control, my love.

  10. I’m still halfway into the comments, but I have to say I love you Vince. You’re my favorite troll. People are always tripping over themselves to argue with you. I missed you

  11. All I know is my sister got like that when she was pregnant, and the doctor told her it was unhealthy, not only for herself, but for the baby as well. Chance of gestational diabetes and all that. I have no personal experience on this one, as I’ve never been pregnant – or fat.

  12. What I find truly horrifying here, and I’m surprised no one has commented on it, is her fashion sense.

    How can you possibly combine that ugly shade of puce with those horrendous faded, dull red… things she pretends are pants?!

  13. @dasher11: Get pregnant and see how long you have “privacy” after that.

    Everyone wants to touch your stomach. Everyone wants to ask questions that are none of their business. Everyone thinks they have carte blanche to tell you about their birthing experiences. Everyone thinks they are entitled to tell you how to raise your child (who isn’t even born yet!). Everyone thinks that you WANT their advice.

    And the doctor visits are just wrong. Everyone that walks into the room will want to look up your business. EVERYONE. And heaven help you if you are giving birth in a teaching hospital. They roam in packs of 10.

    So, seriously, once you get pregnant, you have no more privacy and lose most of your dignity. And you wonder why they would feel ok putting up pictures of their bare stomach? *laughs insanely and walks away*

  14. @poopbackandforth- my parents met in the late 70’s/early 80’s. but it was instilled in my mom and all of her siblings to, for the love of god, marry a chubby white person. i think from my grandparents time, it was common that poor people were skinny and wealthy people had more meat on them. being larger was a sign of status. but in our culture, it’s backwards.

    in any case, BACON. never gonna give it up.

  15. @lametothemin I also hate the term curvy. Only Christina Hendricks can claim that title. the rest are just fat.

  16. Yes, but see the bottom of the picture is cut off and in my mind I see his fingers wrapped around her stomach flap *shudder*.

    They look very happy and I am happy for them and I hope their little bundle of joy enters this world perfectly healthy. But seriously there are things you should use discretion on, she is very overweight and if she chooses that lifestyle that is her choice. But being pregnant is not a ticket to exposing your belly thinking you can now blame the round belly on a fetus who at most will weigh about 10 pounds. She didn’t even look that far along in the picture as you could clearly see two fat rolls up high. If she were further along those rolls would be smoother as they are being pushed out under the rounded uterus. So I agree, bad idea on taking the picture much less posting it.

    Wandr I agree also with the horrible clothing choices. Pink maternity shirt with red sweatpants, I think not!

  17. From Suroor:

    i punch these fat trashes in face..haha..they are like fat garbage showing ther fat all to the world like it some priz to be fat with egg painted on fat disgustng belly. These 3rd Kind of Humans, they should never approach me at all. i hate these categories & That should never happen. Dont waste my time. I am here Mainly for Straight Respectful Women Only. Anyway, let us leave that silly matter. Main thing for me is to be Huge, Muscular and be successful in life with Much More Wealth & Power. If these fat Trashes went to gym like Suroor and worked hard to be Big and Huge like me then they might find Happiness but no they are fat like cows. who wnats women like that? not Suroor. But to also go behind a Girl or to Flirt, Suroor must be Born again or in the next Generation. I will never let Down my Dignity or Self respect at any Cost. never especilly for fat trashes who bark like dogs.
    i have no more time for these silliness. i must go pet my Kittens and find Children to Play with and inject storids b4 i got to work out on my huge arms so that they may be more huge and someday i will be Famous Villain.

  18. I have way to much time on my hands

  19. Pregnancy is a reason for being overweight, but it’s not an excuse to stay overweight.

  20. @ Vincent, you sound just like my mother…I hate that bitch. That being said I have never been fat and she has instilled a great sense of pride in me, gym 4-5 times a week with a very active outdoor lifestyle. If I have a kid I will probably be the same. Fit & healthy teens have it far easier in school!

  21. femalefitnessforlife

    @Spanka, you sound like me. I’m morbidly obese but make comments like “I go to the gym 5x a week” and “even when I am pregnant and have kids I’ll still be fit” because it’s fun to live in another life. When in reality we wouldn’t feel the need to make these comments if they were true.

    We should really start doing those things because being fat is disgusting, but lying about it is worse.

  22. I don’t understand why women take pregnancy pics where they expose their huge bellies. Yeah, I want a reminder of when I was huge, uncomfortable, waddling and peeing every time I laughed. No thank you.

  23. @ femalefitnessforlife, Sorry if you are a big fat fatty, high school must have sucked for you, fat kids have no friends. Sad but true…My mum was a mega bitch but she was right about that. And no kid of mine will become a fat turd either. I think it’s form abuse to allow your kid to be over weight, to be judged and picked on when it is so easily avoided.

  24. @Spanka

    “Sorry if you are a big fat fatty, high school must have sucked for you, fat kids have no friends. Sad but true”

    I can’t believe I’m breathing the same air as someone this ignorant and close-minded.

  25. @ sionnach00, feel free to stop breathing!

  26. @Spanka – for some reason I see this happening to you or your kids. Hope you have good insurance!!

  27. @ notsofast, see that is my whole point. Fat kids have no friends and get picked on!! It’s the parents fault, they are setting their kids up for a fall. That being said if that little bully was my kid he would be packed off to boarding school fast his head would spin. He got everything he deserved.

  28. Etownegeatgmaildotcom, get rid of your double chin, and THEN open your trap 🙂 Have a good day!


  29. Btw, I was pregnant and gained a total of 15 lbs(hmm, baby=8.5 lbs, placenta= the rest lol) and dropped back down to my pre- baby weight literally 2 days after delivery.

    btw, here’s a picture of me a week before i delivered.

    Yea, also, I could conceal my pregnant belly so people wouldn’t even know I was pregnant, and people who didn’t know me assumed I was only 7 months along.

    Also, pregnancy is NOT an excuse to get fat because you HAVE to eat healthy and it’s advised to exercise to help with labor. So whoever says, “I’m pregnant, I can eat whatever I want” is full of shit. Or, I mean, baby,

  30. I beat all you bitches..I was pregnant and actually lost weight and you couldn’t ever tell I was pregnant! When I came to the hospital the nurse was all like, “Hunny you ain’t pregnant!” I was like “bitch please, look between my legs you will see the head”. Never seen a nurse move so fast! Gave birth to a 15 pound baby, and left in size 0 jeans. Then I put the baby on a diet too. Had the only baby in the world that could wear legit skinny jeans. Beat that. I will upload my playboy pics I took after having the baby..just give me a sec to find that link…..

  31. Wow!! I never realized how intolerant people are. And honestly society decides what is “ideal” for weight. Curvy girls are way better than skinny bean poles. And this is coming from someone whom is not overweight

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