Monday, October 26, 2009

Father Knows Last


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  1. I agree, exilednzer. Brittney could very well be married to Ryan and just be dumb. I know many married, dumb girls.

  2. @Dirty Pirate Hooker: haha since when did urbandictionary become a credible source?

  3. @Hand: Word…

  4. Erin shouldn’t have stuck her fuckin’ nose into it.

  5. Maybe this is just one of a series of photos of things Brittney’s peed on.

  6. For God’s sake, people. Any female who posts her positive pregnancy test to the world before telling the father, who will obviously find out now in any case, should not be breeding. That’s the issue, not whether or not she’s promiscuous from a sexual or attention seeking perspective. Who cares if she’s single or married, slut ot not, she’s incredibly moronic.

  7. Some people post this stuff to get ideas.
    I know on Yahoo Pregnancy, lots of women ask for cute ideas on how to tell the soon-to-be dad.
    Not sure that was the point of this one, though.

  8. THis was obviosly going to happen,
    she IS called Brittany after all.

  9. ahhhh… tell him to log onto facebook idiot!!! who does that!!!

  10. soooo dumb. I was hoping to see a comment from dad…but no such luck. I did laugh though…girls are stupid hahaha

  11. Word.

  12. wow!!!
    you are a sad individual!

  13. Jesus fuckin’ Christ women are stupid as shit.

  14. To all the men who left a comment saying women are stupid: OBVIOUSLY, the moron who posted the pic of her positive pregnancy test is a complete and utter retard. Not all women, however, are stupid.

  15. This bitch is so fucking stupid.

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