Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fault and Pepper

Fault and Pepper

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  2. We have one hum dinger of a domestic right here!

  3. I was wrond about mankind! We need Wall E

  4. and Pepper is so blatantly ‘on’

  5. This is in no way a healthy way of communicating with your spouse!

    I smell a divorce!

  6. I always have my phone turned off. I find the whole “cell phone” culture annoying. I find it morally offensive that I should be permanently contactable, for one thing. Also, I find it morally offensive that I should be expected to interrupt what I’m doing (which is nearly always a more worthwhile use of my time than your sorry-ass conversation) just so you can ask me where I am.


    Sorry. I’m OK now.

  7. Dan loses. Pepper loses for continuing the convo, but Dan really loses.

  8. Awesome!!

    These are my favourite lamebook entries – long domestics. And cat fights, like Fretball.

    Pepper’s okay, seems like quite a ground(ed) girl to me …. snigger snigger 😆

  9. Ten bucks says they’re sitting at opposite ends of the same house arguing about communication from their laptops.

  10. Who asked Lisa?

  11. Pepper must be a redhead.

  12. Oh, and Dan must be a shithead.

  13. Pepper is a rad name. She’s my favorite in this conversation. Dan needs to move into his mom’s basement and play WOW with his coolest online buddies who could care less if he text’s them. They probably prefer it– as they’re too scared to actually speak with one another. True fact– Dan has a lisp.

  14. Steve, man the fuck up and help a buddy escape.
    Pepper and Lisa, stfu and get your dyke on, as you’ve obviously nearly finished pussywhipping the balls right off of your men.
    Cassandra FTW.

  15. @hhh


    much love, lube.

  16. has anyone else noticed that Tiffany and Steve are the same Tiffany n Steve from “I’m enraged Part 2”???

  17. Ray,
    I just noticed that as well.. What a strange group of friends!

  18. Pepper sounds pretty FUCKING normal, to me. I’m glad everyone on here FUCKING agrees with her.

  19. The lamest part is, instead of arguing this issue:

    1) Face to face
    2) On the phone
    3) On text
    4) On AIM

    They chose facebook now.

  20. I love that there must be one person connected to Tiffany, Steve and Pepper who posted this one and I’m Enraged Pt 2. Whoever that is FTW.

    @hhh – you clearly prove why pre pubescent internet geeks shouldn’t be allowed to comment these things

  21. Peppers is a bitch, woman BE READY ON TIME!
    She`s the one late and then she bitches.

    The saddest parts is all the guys posting here about how right the chick was.

    Grow a pair of cojones dudes. Probably a bunch of married castrated fat assed douches. Just walk in the house, give her one solid slap and don`t say a word, she`ll know why she`s being slapped for.


  22. Probably a bunch of married castrated fat assed douches. Just walk in the house, give her one solid slap and don`t say a word, she`ll know why she`s being slapped for.

    Wait, I’m confused. Are they castrated because they got married, because they’re fat-assed, or because they don’t abuse their wives?

  23. All of them, you should know! Look at yourself in the mirror.

  24. Anyone else notice that these are the same people as the post directly above it?

  25. meow

    yeah, there’s been several from this group of friends

  26. Holly shit, you should win a price for being so smart!

  27. This is the same Boz who said he was the Boz in the lamebook comments section above this one.

  28. Boring

  29. notice how its the same Dan from the one above it!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  30. Geez, no wonder face-to-face conversations are slowly dying down these days…

  31. “You are so hard done by!” I’m not taking sides on this one, I don’t really care, I just love the syntax of this statement. Reminds me of Yoda.

  32. @squidproquo –

    true, but that’s a well established phrase in the UK so it doesn’t seem so wierd to me!

  33. I think Steve is the real problem here

  34. Does no one notice that the same Tiffany in this comment box is the one with the stupid status update in the picture right above this one? I call stupid “I want to be on lamebook!” bs scripted conversation.

  35. Which, in and of itself, is pretty f’ing lame.

  36. I’m s mad this is the same group of people from the previous post hahahahaha omg….fake or not this shit is still EPIC lame

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