Thursday, December 12, 2013

Feeling Festive

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  1. Clearly this bitch Amy has no class. Oh, and FIRST motherfuckers!

  2. Lamebook is on a winning streak!

  3. The Beast Among Us

    Those boots don’t really go with the outfit.

  4. She needs to go away. Her and he 14 year old boy-body need to go away. So tired of this forced pop culture shit. It’s my own fault I get raped, I know Dane.

  5. TBAU, I don’t think it matter what you put on her. She’s always going to be an ugly ass party girl. I genuinely feel sorry for any man she gets romantically involved with on a serious level in the future…All it’s gonna take is a line of coke and some salvia and she’ll be out in the street getting anal from some other C list celebrity…or the pizza guy.

  6. Miley Cyrus on a Christmas bauble

  7. If you twerk, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  8. I wish I could go down in status to a C list-er than Capn! I’d let her ride on my wrecking balls and lick my hammer

  9. I want to back door rodeo her whilst her dad watches on, playing a selection of his Greatest Hits…

    Ok… He can just play ‘Achey Break Heart’ repeatedly then.

  10. This is so old already. I’ve seen at least 20 different versions. Including using that stupid “Elf On A Shelf” in place of Miley.

    As for Miley, we get it kid, you finally realize you’re a tone deaf overly autotuned poptart and there’s no way for you to stay relevant. So you have to act like a worthless piece of trash to stay in the headlines. Please, just stop. You, Justin Beiber, and Robin Thicke all need to go away. I’d say the only career you’ve got the talent to be in is fast food, but that would be an insult to fast food workers. Heck, you’re not even good enough to be a prostitute. All you’re good for is fertilizer.

  11. #10, I assume you’re a fast food-worker, who’s jealous these guys make more than you – and you’re forced to listen to their songs at work.


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