Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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  1. Look its Wells Fargo…I know I used to work for them 😐

  2. Pretty much

  3. Not all banks are that bad. I was meeting with my branch manager and I mentioned that the interest rate on my credit card was increasing from 19.7 to 22.3%, but that I don’t care because I don’t carry a balance. The very awesome bank manager decided that she would go out of her way and see if she could raise the interest rate on my savings account. And she ended up DOUBLING it. Now it’s 0.2% baby!!!

  4. I was all ready to lmao at that pic, but Walter got me so out of the mood

  5. Haha yeah I’m with you on that dragon74.

  6. Photoshop me much?

  7. lol Walter. Now you just need to get it multiplied by 10 to keep up with inflation!

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