Monday, February 13, 2012

Fit for the Job

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    I would say a burmese python because I start out small but then I get too big for the company so I would have no choice but to switch companies where I acquire a huge resource and eat up all the resources in an environment I do not belong to.

  2. If I could choose to be any animal I would be a woman… because they have a cum trench…and tits… which I like.

    This would probably hinder me in the job application though, as who in their right minds wants to employ a woman?!

  3. I think Joe should write;-

    “I’m a proud member of the species that has clambered its way to the very pinnacle of all the foodchains we could fucking find, slash & burning half the bloody world on the way – and you want me to take a downgrade to be some sort of fucking pet?!
    Well fuck you and your fucked-up job application you soulless sonofawhore. *RAGEQUIT*”

    its what I would write.

  4. you earn the name cheesus dude!! well lamebook, this time you got a good post lol

  5. He should put this: I’d choose to be a mutant, because they get all the best stuff.

    (Casts line…)

  6. A dolphin, for the gang rape. And the over-tattooing tendencies of other species.

  7. My dog has a tattoo in her ear. She’s so fly.

  8. My rabbits all have tattoos in their ears.

  9. I would say a honeybee, because all those companies want are worker drones

  10. you breed rabbits, mad2?
    I was at the butcher the other day and they had the nerve to be advertising rabbits for $35 EACH. They’re only $20 at the pet shop, ffs.

  11. ^ A shotgun shell is only about 25 cents, and the desert isn’t too far for me. Jackrabbit stew, anyone?

  12. don’t fuck up the pelt.

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