Friday, April 20, 2012

Foto Friday!


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  1. SortaLateGoal

  2. SadLonelyGymnast

  3. SloppyLargeGunt

  4. SluttyLankyGirl

  5. SemenLappingGiraffe

  6. obsessed with yourself.

  7. unfortunately, my boyfriend looks like #1…I’ve been squirting blood lately : (

  8. LovingLifeAlways

    Slave Labour graphics?

  9. LovingLifeAlways

    Sigma Lambda Gamma ??

  10. Sultry Long Glock

  11. Serendipitous Little Gooch-gremlin 😛

  12. Salad loving gay.

  13. Anyone not going to call out his little mouse drawing and his adolescent writing ? You guys are all fucking idiots if you really think that’s him in the picture. It’s a fucking theft deterrent ploy.

  14. renketsuwarrior

    SnogsLittleGuys? Steroids.Like.Good!

    I’m just taping into my stereotype of most bodybuilders. I’m sure youre lovely.
    In fact it probably means SavesLittleGrannies. My hero!


  15. Idiots huh? Sorta Like Gilligan? Ease up fire chief. I know you like the woo woo brrrrrrn noises your truck makes but there’s no need to hose us down with all that hostility. Try being fucking polite for a change instead of acting like a big meany poo poo head. Ex. I’m going to bed. Goodnight assholes! I hope to dream of my favorite ship and lots and lots of booty, women booty…j/k, I’m. Gonna dream of a hideaway filled with gold and silver like usual…

  16. This sounds like fun…uhm…Snot licking gangster?

  17. Jesus, SLG, you are a douch. I’m guessing you are some little weedy shit who has always been bullied, and to make yourself feel better you tell people online that you’re tough. If i’m right, then i think SerialLyingGoochlicker is appropriate. Alternatively, maybe you were a weedy little shit and you were bullied in school, so to make yourself feel better you spend all your time taking steroids and in the gym, so you actually are a big guy now. If that’s the case, StupidLurkyGoon might be more appropriate. Fucking cunt.

  18. Cupidstunt, you know those converstations people get themselves into, where they try to explain a situation too embarrassing to admit. So, they use “their friend” as the example person in that particular situation instead of themselves, in a bid to avoid any embarrassment. SLG is “the friend” in your last comment.

  19. Seeking Lamebook Genius? Same Lame Game? Silly Lamebook Gangsta?

  20. @goodgodno, I am not a big guy, and i do not pretend to be online so you’re comment is fake. t1000 = stupid troll, but never fails to make me laugh! 🙂 also, if i wanted to project an embarassing aspect of my past onto a lamebook poster, i would accuse msanne of having prematurely ejaculating when fucking your sister in the ass.

  21. Sorry Cupidstunt… should have read the thread in a bit more detail. Turns out what I said applies to SLG.

    Oh, and… Sad Little Git

  22. brilliant! some of these were awesome! cheers, guys.
    haha a guy can’t win can he? one minute you get called fat and stuff…if you deny being fat and point out that in point of fact you’re kind of a big dude who works out quite a lot, then the steroid jokes come. it’s kinda predictable, but i’m definitely used to those ones now! i can’t prove my claims so it’s pointless getting into a discussion about it. believe whatever you like! oh wait, you already do! as you were.

  23. Was I close???? I love this kind of stuff!

  24. actually yours were the best, i reckon. relevant and topical, and maybe perhaps even a little accurate too!

  25. SuitablyLubricatedGoat

  26. Well, technically you *could* prove it, however, I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt as a guy way too intelligent to relinquish his identity to a forum full of trolling assholes. ‘sides T1000 would just call fakey 😀

  27. Wait, I didn’t get the chance to add one. I think SLG stands for “Get Rid of Cable.”

  28. slithery little gastropod.

  29. you’re right capn! and you know what, i’ve figured out a workaround! anyone who wants to find out who is the biggest, stronginest, toughest, and the bashiest can meet me at the north pole at noon today. i’ll be there, just look for the dude in the floral shirt and pink hotpants.
    i’ll kick all your arses. THAT’s how tough I am! rraawr!
    the whole ‘get rid of cable’ thing is so darn true it’s bloody great.

  30. douche

  31. what a bunch of pussies! nobody showed up! i was totally gonna mess anyone up that i met. i had to take my frustrations out on a penguin, it was terrible.
    this is the last time i challenge you lamebook guys to a fight. no really, you’ve blown it.

  32. No wonder no one showed up. You went to the wrong pole.

  33. Hah! Good pick-up, beatus! That poor, poor penguin.

  34. actually, truth be told, that penguin fucking kicked my arse. who woulda thunk it, but that penguin was hard as nails.

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