Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lack Toast and Tolerant

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  1. Diagnosis: Lacking in proper cognitive brain function due to extreme case of basic stupidity.

  2. I also cannot eat the diary

  3. When I lack toast, I am tolerant of other breakfast suggestions too. Says so right there in my diary.

  4. I also cannot eat the diary. It gives me diary.

  5. This person is late in french. And faux in english.

  6. i dont drink milkand im the same way.

  7. Matt’s blurred but Wally isn’t? It hardly seems fair to add that to the misfortunes that life has heaped upon him.

  8. Lamebook must have listened to ap‘s suggestion about racist people being “humiliated in full public view on the internet”.

    Also, Wallace’s misfortunes are of his own making. He can afford an internet connection, a camera and all those douchey clothes, but he can’t educate himself in elementary English? Fuck him.

  9. Walllace is kinda sexxxxxc! 😉 hee hee

  10. ^You are either joking or an idiot.

  11. He may be lacktose intollerant and kinda dumb but I think hes kinda pretty too!! I’d marry him haha lol <3

  12. sexcibunnei69 – is that you, Evilcow, trying to step up the trolling?

  13. Haha lol no just me!! 😀 I love you guys on this site lol your so funny <3

  14. LIES!! We’re a bunchacunts, really.

  15. Whats a buchacunts?? Oh lol haha I get it lol… Thats a bad word tho! ha

  16. I’m so hungover that I’m not even sure if these comments are real? They can’t be, can they?

  17. If I was a cow, I’d plant a headbutt on that fuckwit Wallace, squat over his unconcious body and force my lactating udder into his yout’ lingo spewing maw.

    That’s right. Cow milk rape.

  18. God, is it just me, or does sexcibunny need to be shot and put out of our misery?

  19. I think she is about 12 years old.

  20. Nails, it’s not just you.

  21. nah. no way these comments are real.

  22. ^You nailed it

  23. Bunny is Flamsie. And a cunt.

  24. ^I thought that,too. but i doubt flamsie has that much energy.

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