Wednesday, July 4, 2012


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  1. America will die!

  2. Or worse.

  3. Miguel, you are celebrating freedom from spelling, English and grammar. I believe you are taking the year off from History as well.

  4. I fucked Donna.

  5. Donna has a blue period? This I do not want to see.

  6. It’s spelled Brian.

  7. Shite.

  8. Fake.

  9. This is fake.

  10. How fake.

  11. Fake

  12. This. Is. Fake.

  13. ‘Moron’ means ‘Carrot’ in Welsh.

  14. Guy with the sign is such a maroon.

  15. ^Looks more like a blues supporter to me.

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ^ Better not mean Chelsea.

  17. Steven played that one fairly well.

  18. Yeah, that last one was pretty funny. Nice pot-belly, dude.

  19. I don’t think Miguel is stupid. I think English may be his second language.

  20. Stand down Dukey! Different code and country.

  21. jeff goldblum saved earth from aliens

  22. Holy fuckstorm of stupidity, Batman!

  23. WOW that last image is like 8 years old. Still holds up though, morans!

  24. look, its at least POSSIBLE that he knows a guy named ‘morans’. but i doubt it. now consider this: a lot of people think al queda is the biggest threat to this country! ahahahhahahhaaha!!!!!

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