Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fails

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  1. …and the human rase hates you!

  2. Mirrors, how do they work?

  3. Jenn, please don’t breed.

  4. Wish I coulda been there when Jenn had this realization… wonder how that would go.

  5. In defense of birthday girl…it is a leap year. One of her friends could have a Feb. 29 birthday.

  6. I don’t suppose it’s worth it to ask Jenn if she’s friends with any February 29 babies?

  7. toddvanhamburger

    ^haha, that’s true, but I doubt she even thinks of that

  8. toddvanhamburger


  9. the fact that not just 1, but 3 people don’t understand how a mirror works is the topper.

  10. Maybe she never had friends before and that’s why she is excited.

  11. @1 todd –

    Raze or “Rase” (reɪz)
    — vb
    1. to demolish (a town, buildings, etc) completely; level (esp in the phrase raze to the ground )
    2. to delete; erase

    (what you really meant to put – The Human Race). 🙂

  12. Never fucking mind. My fail.
    Fuck you.

  13. toddvanhamburger


  14. I’m betting he meant to write “arse” because he loves the monkey arse.

  15. Aurielle is right.

    But she still has a name that sounds like the outside bit of a nipple.

  16. You know what’s better than reading stupid posts by stupid people? Reading stupid posts by stupid people trying to be clever.

  17. I’ve come to the conclusion that Americans are really stupid.

  18. I wonder if Jenn has done that ‘Joey from Friends’ thing yet. You know the one, going from ‘confused face’ to ‘knowing nod with a big smile’.

  19. ansolute fail fucking fagg

  20. Stupid yanks.

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