Wednesday, July 7, 2010


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  1. cant_help_but_facepalm

    Dan Fargis, Bible thumpers such as yourself make non-believes scoff, and are an embarrassment to believers such as myself. Stomping around and telling people they are wrong is not the way to convince people.

    Also, I get so sick of fundamentalists trying to push Jewish tradition on us non-Jewish people as if it were “law.”

    I can’t wait to see your posts on Fundies Say the Darndest Things. (

  2. topgearsuperfan

    is there much point in actually arguing with you? To tell you the truth, no there isn’t, you’ve got your opinions and I have mine- sometimes looking to religion isn’t always the best thing…

  3. @36 doesn’t the bible teach you to put a towel down? I find that usually sorts out the whole unclean bed issue.

  4. dan iv had a gud upbringin fanks my parents dint forse me into a cult

  5. @cant_help_but_facepalm – being true to your convictions and spreading God’s word is anything by an “embarrassment”. In fact, no “believer” could truly believe in the word of God and also feel that spreading it is an embarrassment. It is required by God to spread His word, to do otherwise would be to sin. I suggest you re-read Mark 16:15.

    @topgeearuperfan – one does not “look to religion”. It is not a crutch. Belief and faith are as much a part of one’s being (if not more so) than his/her physical form.

  6. an dan even tho ur not getin any lifes got a lot to do wiv sex wivout it the world would not go rownd an u wud not be here actuly sex has got a lot to anser to

  7. CommentsAtLarge


    Almost lost ya in… all this — and if I’m holding you tight, I’m all for the ride being bumpy 🙂

  8. dirtylittlepretty

    mmm gettin nayled agenst sumfink! nice

  9. @2,3,4,13

    If you guys would stop your constant stalking of lamebook, and post some american style posts on facebook instead, maybe lamebook would have more posts to choose from – and with it, higher quality. Yup. Go be stupid and douchey at facebook.

    I’m norwegian, so I can’t contribute. We’re way too.. Awesome.

  10. Stamps are not cheap! Pfft! They keep raising the prices every year.

  11. Actually, @dan_fargis…@Can’t_help_but_facepalm is right, you are embarrassing those of use believers who know that God does not tell us to shove his word down the throats of others and judge them , for the latter is reserved for him alone. You are not doing your, or anyone elses, faith any favours, especially not God, with your actions.

    He says to spread the JOY of his words to others, not be an obnoxious little prat and act like you are better than a non-believer. People like you are the reason God doesn’t talk to us anymore.

  12. 3 and 4 were okay and the last one is just well kinda dumb jokes like that are made every time….I sent one in bout my friend saying how his butt was numb and his mom randomly said did u know 2 of ur family members died….but i also had me saying im so sending this to lamebook and him yelling at me oh no your not…well i did but it never got posted….I guess we arent sending good posts in so they use the dumbest they got

  13. dan fargis i can pronowns ur mums name wen im naylin her agenst the crusifix in ur bedroom.

    Jesus yoink, that made me spit my soda on the screen!

    I don’t care who you are that’s funny right there! Lord forgive me. (Larry the cable guy)

  14. ur a cabel guyy????? i would not go rownd an say out loud. anit no cabel guy

  15. and now im back. from cyberspace. I just logged in to find your jeer of my misery on my page. I should have changed my privacy settings, I should have made you type a captcha, if i knew for just one second thatd youd be back to humiliate me.

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