Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Mayhem

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  1. 1. Old joke is old.

    2. In the early stage of the epidemic, before people realize what’s going on, people will be admitted to hospitals with bites and other wounds. These will be stitched up, then those people will become zombies. That said, I don’t see a whole lot of zombies with stitches.

  2. ^ Beat me to the obvious explanation of stitched up zombies.

  3. Mitt Romney sucks!

  4. Oh, well done, Eurgh.
    You beat Yawn of the Dan to the soullessly unfunny explanation.

  5. *cries because lamebook comment did not win approval from msannethrope*

  6. you fucking pussy. you shame your whole people.

  7. Has the Zombie phase jokes passed? If not I’ve got some great Bill Clinton/Monica jokes that could be relevant.

  8. no. the zombies still don’t know they’re zombies.
    bless their empty lil’ eyes.

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