Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funny Folks

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  1. Eh… What I see is… Pam actually encouraging her husband to cheat..

  2. @wordpervert

    Sorry, I’ll put a limit on my posts. 🙁

    When it gets closer to the end of my workday I try to find more reasons to not do my … work. So I ramble (more than usual).

  3. So at home last night there was one banana left in the fruit basket… I swear it was giving me the eye… creepy

    @ eenerbl and wordpervet

    If you want the proof you have to come handle the proof 😉

  4. Oh my lol.
    I don’t get why people don’t put their parents on a fucking limited profile?!

  5. You’re tempting me slimjayz! lol.

    The funny thing is that we have a banana tree in our back yard. I don’t think I’ll ever look at it the same way!

  6. lol… Tempting a temptress, hehe… You have a banana tree? Where do you live that bananas grow? Dont you need tropics for that? Im in NW US… we grow apples, tomatos and weed

  7. FL. slimjayz, we have bananas, coconuts, oranges and we buy our weed from you good folks.

  8. Nice… And you smoke weed… I’m going to have to go get a sweet ‘please dont tease’ stomach tat now

  9. @ slim,

    Isn’t your last comment in #52 Jack Nicholson’s line from ” A few good men”?

  10. @word

    The line from there is ‘you want the truth, you cant handle the truth’ or some such… I never saw it… So yes, I spoofed it in order to tempt you gals into fondling my junk… was that wrong?

  11. @slimjays. Not wrong, just your style. Wouldn’t expect anything less! Also, good luck with the tat! lol!

  12. lol… I already have 1 lame tat (chinese writing on my upper arm)… I wont be adding more lame ones… I have 2 sons and am getting their baby footprints on my back… Then I’m thinking about a pot leaf on my ass… My wife is against it, but I think it’ll look awesome… But maybe that will be lame tat number #2… Thoughts?

  13. Slim, I did know you were spoofing.
    Wow, that sounds dirty.

  14. Slim, all I can ask is that if you do get that tat, please get arrested at some point so they have to take pictures of your identifying marks. I look forward to your star turn on The Smoking Gun.

  15. mccowles, but women have periods and babies. Even Mother Nature favors men.

  16. But shooblie, they all pretty much end up with erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostates, meaning they end up spending less time coming and more time going.
    Trust me, it evens out in the end.

  17. Go with the pot leaf slimjayz, I’ll get one on the other cheek to match you.

    @shooblie: You may think, but we are the ones who have the screaming orgazims. We win!

  18. @soup

    Sorry… I cant get arrested… I’m too pretty to go to jail… I’m slim and have long eyelashes… Id have to wear adult diapers for life if I ever went to jail


    That would be incredibly hot… Definately make me want to help you with one of them there screaming orgasims 😉

  19. lol slimjayz, I’ll put you on the list.

  20. Woo Hoo!! Dont need to know where, just nice to make the list… I’m off now… Have a great weekend… Just remember when fornicating with your hubby that his name isnt slim 😉

  21. lol Slim, no comment there, but I look forward to our forthcoming week together 🙂 Monday it is.

  22. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    Moby Dick made seamen disappear, go ask him.

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