Monday, January 18, 2010

Further Complications

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  1. Enio is such a loser

  2. congrats on not second

    enio should take his next step off a cliff

  3. At least Jessica was trying to be nice.
    And Juleen… I think it’s not illegal? I dunno. But it might be pretty damn weird… Well, unless like your parents didn’t get married until you were both in your 20’s or so..but still, awkward.

  4. I hope Enio’s parents saw that one. That’s hilarious.
    Jessica FTW. See seems pretty smart, but he doesn’t. It wasn’t
    meant to be Enio.

  5. I looked up the stepsibling thing, and apparently it’s legal. But still, awkward. If you were raised together, don’t do it.

  6. I think Enio had an inkling that if he asked Jessica out in private she’d shoot him down, so he decided to do it in public thinking she would agree so as not to embarrass him. He was probably hoping that if she went on a date he could persuade her they could be more than friends.

    He rolled the dice. He lost. And now it’s on Lamebook he’s losing spectacularly.

  7. @GoddessDigi or…. you could DO it and go through the already awkward years of puberty without all that pesky sexual frustration. 😀

  8. I took this girl to my sr. prom and did what kids do on prom night. 2 yrs later her father married my mother making her my stepsister. Family outings are really weird. One time we all went out for dinner and drinks and her and I ended up making out until we both realized how f’d it was. Short story long, I stopped going to family events.

  9. Enio should try his luck with Sarah.

  10. Enio = pussy of the year

  11. @Juleen -Let’s say that you start dating him and things go sour and you have to break up… who are you going to cry to? “Dad, I lost my virginity to him in the next room, how am I supposed to handle him being there every night?”

    @Adamn -Typed like someone who knows first-hand…

  12. I vote #9 funniest comment so far. If only the best comment appeared under the post like at thisisphotobomb.

  13. At first, I felt sorry for Enio. I thought, “sure, I’ve been there before”. Then I read it again, and he seemed so sure of himself that she was going to say yes, that he deserved everything he got. #6 is spot on; he gambled, and the house won, and now he’s going home penniless for another string of dates with Mr Right.

  14. Does this mean Sarah’s getting spit-roasted ?

    Juleen Banjos

  15. Fuck yeah poly!

  16. Enio is a major douche. I bet he’s one of those guys who thinks any girl who is polite and says hello to him once in a while is in love with him.

    As we speak, I bet he’s telling everyone who will listen what a cold, heartless bitch Jessica is and how she led him on.

  17. I can picture Enio’s next status update:

    “Enio is a douchebag who’s too gutless to ask out a girl in private, so he asks her out in public thinking it’ll pressure her into saying ‘Yes’, just so she doesn’t look like a bitch.”

  18. everyone’s focusing on Enio? what about Juleen???

  19. Enio- find yourself a nice guy- you’re obviously gay as hell!

    Juleen- You’ll never be lonely at a family reunion-

    Sarah- Ryan and Eric are lucky guys… if you can talk them into a 3-way

  20. @HolyCrap666 – Ryan and Eric would not be lucky guys. 3-way with 2 chicks is awes. 3-way with 2 dudes is gay.

  21. @jtibbs – it’s only gay if your balls touch. haha

  22. @jtibbs- you’ve obviously never been in a DP situation before…

  23. Aw come on, if Jessica really were a nice person she would have called him or sent him a private message, and deleted his post. You bunch of meanies. At least he had the balls to ask her!

  24. juleen. what the fuck kinda name is that. oh, & i guess the stepsibling thing is kinda gross too.

    jessica ftw.

  25. I still don’t understand that whole ‘it’s complicated’ option…

  26. LOL @ 19

  27. Enio is not gay. We don’t want him.

  28. sarah should just pick one of those guys

  29. Sarah should try both of them at the same time.

  30. Enio – i feel sorry for u …

  31. oh, and also.
    Juleen way to display ultra class by posting something like that. I think you two should make a sex tape together then you’ll have something to show at the next family gathering.

  32. I feel bad for Enio, and it’s kind of weird that he’s getting a lot of made up abuse on here, like ‘oh, he’s a douche because he’s PROBABLY telling everyone she’s a heartless bitch’ or, ‘he deserved it because he PROBABLY wanted to pressure her into it’.
    Well you’re all wankers because you PROBABLY… did… something I’m too lazy bother making up.

    Also, Jessica could have at least rung him up herself and told him that. She said she didn’t want to do it in public, but the way she said the last thing just made her look like a bitch.
    Look like.

  33. I had a friend who married her (to be) stepbrother. I do not see anything wrong with it.

  34. @Bob

    That’s because you are a hill-billy.

  35. Poor Enio

  36. In my opinion Enio is a douche for making this online,
    I feel sorry for Jessica who tried to make it discreet

  37. I feel sorry for both of these school grade, douche-bags!

  38. @ Juleen: EW!!! weird.

    @ Enio: yeouch.

    @ 8 (GetAwesome): geez tough break man. I can see how that would be very weird for you- it’s one thing if u meet her as your stepsister and know it’s out of bounds from the start but since you guys had a thing going before your folks got married, shame! that’s a crap situtation…

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