Wednesday, October 10, 2012


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  1. Nice to see a fellow Jenna Marbles fan. But plagiary isn’t appreciated.

  2. Why the hell is Adele in the same category as those morons?

  3. ^because she’s fat and stupid. duh.

  4. Yeah, with MsAnne on that!
    Reckon dear Matt only finds it deep and meaningful because he has no idea what are meant by the lyrics. Oh wait, there is no meaning…

  5. I only found out who she was thanks to this horrible place.
    And I’ve been trying to fucking punish you all ever since.

  6. my face looks like a pig with pimples and snot

  7. Uh oh, someone call the whambulance for MsAnne, again.

  8. Lil`Wayne a genius? The guys a psychotic asshole.

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