Monday, September 9, 2013

Get Money, Get Paid?

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  1. #needs #more #hash #tags

  2. He’s bragging about earning roughly $74k/year. It’s nothing to shake a stick at, but come on…

  3. I bet he works 10 hours a day spamming websites and preforming live webcam sex.

  4. I fucking hate you lot, all of you.

  5. Bragging about selling drugs on FB, good work bud! Get a real job! STEEEEEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRRRRRR!
    Ps. Noobsauce, I know you love me; if not, why would you send me all those dick pics??

  6. just as Alan responded I’m stunned that some one can get paid $9106 in 4 weeks on the internet. check out here… ℂ­­­A­­­ℱ­­­­E­­­4­­­­4.ℂ­­­­­ℴ­­­­­M

  7. So that guy’s name is Alan, eh?

  8. Noobsauce, we get it. You’re bitter and angry.
    Why not do both yourself and us a favour and rack off.

  9. I found that the best way to get kids in High School to like me was to pretend to be a drug dealer.

    Still, even when doing that, they were still suspicious of a middle aged man offering them Rohypnol.

    Where’s all the trust gone!?

  10. I sometimes wonder if your all actually the same person, and you just log onto different accounts to make funny banter on Lamebook…

  11. ^*You’re

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