Monday, September 19, 2011

Get the Message

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  2. #2 – sounds EXACTLY like my ex…

  3. He must be gay!! Obviously!!

  4. So her boyfriends leaving at 4, and she’s asking him to come over? I’d rather play ball too, that bitch is dirty. Also, is 2011, do we not now how to screen cap?

  5. I don’t know man. Sex is a little better than basketball, IMO.

  6. Depends on the girl. Many many girls would be worse than basketball.

  7. How do you know it’s her boyfriend? It could be her room mate or something. I wait until my room mate is gone to have sex so she doesn’t have to hear it.

    Also, I’ve never had In and Out, but I really want it. Mostly because Tucker Max says it’s amazing, and he’s always right. 🙂

  8. What the fuck. Okay, people taking videos of videos on youtube was annoying. But now people are SERIOUSLY taking PICTURES of their screen?

    There should be an intelligence requirement to be online, this is getting out of hand.

  9. yeah you can kind of see that it says “Michelle” so probably not her boyfriend, but her roommate

  10. @mario. True. In this case, that girl seems kind of slutty. Maybe basketball was the correct choice?

  11. Brothers before whores. Seriously though, all this girl has to offer is vagina: no self-worth.

  12. Today, I learned that Denny’s is getting cheesy.

  13. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    The blacked-out name appears to end in “ette” or “elle”. I don’t know any male names that end in either. Probably a room mate.

    Women who are surprised that a man turns down sex from them are always funny because they obviously think very highly of themselves and their vaginas.

  14. REJECTED! Ouch…

  15. So much misogyny and hypocrisy in these comments. A girl asks a guy over for sex, so that makes her a slut with no self-worth, does it? If a guy does the same thing, would the same definition apply? Of course not, right, guys? And girls think highly of their vaginas, do they? You have got to be kidding me. You guys think that your dicks are the centre of the Goddamn universe.

    A lot of men in life can be woman-hating assholes, I know, but bloody hell, men on the internet take their hatred of women to an absolutely frightening level. If this is what you guys actually think of women, then I’m so glad that I’ll never know any of you.

  16. Wow, someone ^^^ woke up on the cunty side of the bed today… Maybe you have a virus on your computer, and you’re unaware that you are on a website dedicated to stupid shite said on Facebook?
    Get a good antivirus program, or take the computer into the shop. If everything turns out ok, go to the Doctor and have them take the bug out of your ass.

    I hate to break it to you sweetcheeks, but my penis is the center of the universe. I’m sure you’ve heard this analogy before, but I’ll say it again… If a key opens lots of locks, then it’s a master key. But if a lock is opened by lots of keys, then it’s a shitty lock.
    Now get of the computer you whore!

  17. I don’t care about the actual content of this post, I am just stunned that somebody has taken a photo of their monitor rather than capture the screen.

  18. None of you people have ever had anything close to that proposition. You jelly? You bet your ass you are.

  19. Exactly, Hawky.

    There is no way in the world that your dick is a master key, #16. I’d rather liken it to a spare key. You know, almost never used, and its existence easily forgotten.

  20. I’ve never been completely clear on the key=penis and vagina=lock comparison. Yes, I get that, in both instances, one goes in to the other, but are human beings actually dumb enough to think that male promiscuity is to be lauded, but female promiscuity is to be shamed? It’s the 21st century, FFS.

    Also, that lame analogy makes me think of a less than intelligent guy bludgeoning a bike lock with his flaccid penis.

  21. @wordpervert, the whole joke is predicated on the females presumption that the man cant possiblly refuse the offer of sex, even if he has other plans and her surprise when he does just that. The stereotypical view that men have a one track mind and will slobberingly nod there heads and drop everything at the offer of sex is insulting and is also the at the root of
    this lamebook submission. Is it surprising that any responses to this picture would deviate from the original tone of the picture itself? also, lamebook is supposed to be a fun website, if you take so much exception to the comments made in jest on the internet why don’t you just get the fuck back in the kitchen?

  22. looks like #21 is #16’s bitch or other way around…and to call a complete stranger on the internet a “whore” just shows what a pathetic , immature person you are.

  23. i suspect this isn’t the photographer’s computer, so he took a pic while the owner was away from his/her desk.

  24. You dumb cunts need to get laid… What a sad existence, trolling “funny” websites to say what is and isn’t funny, and to lay down your version of whats politically correct… Wordpervert, I know your type… Uptight, anal (not in the sexual way) and a loser who men avoid like a Haitian hooker…
    My dick gets plenty of use, don’t worry, and I wouldn’t let it near your cobwebbed, crusty, dusty vagina. Go re-read Twilight and masturbate yourself to sleep with your 27 cats.

    P.S Did I mention this website is LAMEBOOK?

  25. Hey guys.. Arguing on the internet.. Come on now.

  26. @16 cunty, I mean wordy, is always waking up on the stuck up cunt fulled feminist side of the paranoia universe. She doesn’t need to be laid..she needs to die.

    If a guy chose a sport over sex, you might want to dump him. Or up your game.

  27. What a bunch of assholes. Seriously, gender stereotyping hurts everyone and not evertything comes back to women’s low self-esteem.

  28. monkeymonkeyunderpants

    It’s even worse than not knowing how to do a screenshot… whoever took a picture had to then go in and edit the picture to block out names, with the alternative being that they did take a screenshot and blacked out names, but then took a picture to submit it.

    Seriously, everyone should know how to use frigging PAINT by now…

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