Thursday, May 27, 2010

Get to Know Joe

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  1. Ben?

  2. Are we to assume that Schul is some tiny, isolated Austrian villiage, as a possible explanation for his spelling and grammar?

  3. WHY? Why do these IDIOTS feel such a strong need to procreate? WHY?!?!?!!!

  4. Dear God, please let condoms work 100% of the time for Joe

  5. Wow…Joe sounds like a real winner…he’ll make a mother-in-law happy one day. HA.

  6. “Fuck da police, praise de pussi”

    All I want to know is, where do I buy the t-shirt?

  7. @SharkBait

    I fear that since ‘Bitches b Trippin if they Dontt get Up in this’ then there might not be enough condoms in production to thwart Joe’s efforts to ‘get it preggers.’

  8. hahaha

    Ok so scratch that last prayer….

    Dear God, please don’t let Joe get a dog……

  9. When bitches see I work at K-Mart, they throw me all the pussy.

    Sorry I cant use his retarded spelling skills to make it look more authentic.

    Also has anyone else ever thought about how much longer it takes to write like that than it does to spell normally?

    Okay, I’m done.

  10. Oh dear, please let that become infertile before it infects the world.

  11. I wanna get it preggers…… but not until after I’ve worked my four hour shift at K-Mart

  12. If all women had brains then the only bitch Joe could get WOULD be “the dog kind lol”.

  13. And yet I don’t understand how this guy gets hired at K-Mart and yet I have trouble finding a summer job. Ugh /rubs temples

  14. Ahahah

  15. I wanna get IT preggars

    Where have you been, man of my dreams?!

  16. After that convincing and SO romantic lonely hearts add, I want to see one of his job interviews.

  17. that should attract plenty of interest. especially with that high-end job at K-Mart!

  18. Joe is so eloquent! Fine character that Joe!

  19. Clearly the best part about this is his awesome job at K-Mart.

  20. He should meet Ashley or Amanda from the previous post.
    They would make a great couple since they’re both “da baddest bitches” and he’s looking to settle with a bitch and get it preggers.

    Ughh, how I hate that damn word.

  21. Lyrics for Joes first track…

    Bitches be trippin’
    If they don’t get up in this,
    I’m a M4d D0g
    So fuck da Police.

    When I left Schul,
    I didn’t finish my degree,
    Apparently I can’t major in
    Praise De Pussi.

    I be living a Thug life,
    At the end of ma tether
    Show me where the Hoes at
    I wanna get it preggers.

    After I get signed ull wish you was me
    But a mad crib would be a start.
    I’ll find me a bitch
    And stop working at K-MART


  22. Mystery Goose! That was amazing!

  23. I was gonna post something funny about this Joe’s lack of vision, class, talent and apparently condoms.

    But after Mystery Goose this post is just closed on awesome.

    You win.

  24. I had never realized political views have something to do with the, you know, police. Thanks, Joe!

  25. good one mystery!

    i’m going to stick my neck out and say joe’s awesome.
    then i’ll be laughing and cocking a snook at you all when he gets signed, and takes me in the tour bus to scavenge for bitches after he’s creamed the best ones off.

  26. I don’t know about you but I always wanted to find a M4d D0g Thug that worked at Kmart that was ready to settled down with a bitch , and not any bitch ( but the dog kind) and get preggers and get a mad crib…. Oh my dream guy I can’t wait to met him…

  27. Do you think Joe brings in the shopping carts at Kmart? I can’t imagine him working the register .

  28. anyone know why people keep saying ‘ben’ as the first comment?

  29. Why does Lamebook make us wait for an hour or two just to put up an unfunny post we could find in 2 minutes on Facebook? Are they really that low on submissions that they have to post unfunny/uninteresting posts like this one?

    Is it really funny or novel to see another person who can’t spell and is proud of being an a.sstool?

  30. Checking to see if “asstool” gets censored if I don’t put the period in it….

  31. @Cupid: Oh, I hope he works the register.

    Joe: “Yo, your total be $7.43.”
    Customer: *hands a twenty*
    Joe: “Yo, dog, why you trippin’? I can’t be makin’ no change!”

  32. Does anyone know any sites (like this one) that are interesting little distractions from the work day? 3/4 of the sites are blocked by work (, ign, foxsports, etc) but some, like this one, are still accessible. Please let me know if you all recommend any sites.

  33. I have nothing to say about this post, but Rilesx3: Try passiveagressivenotes.
    Also Mentally Incontinent, the best site ever.

  34. isn’t bad… is okay…if you like that sorta thing… is all chat roulette pics…eh, view at your own risk!

  35. Thanks for the ideas. I’ll check them out. Well…except for the chat roulette one. I’m sure there’s some funny pics on there but there may be some that are NSFW (aka, dangling male organs).

    I hope the work filter doesn’t block all of y’all’s suggestions!

  36. There’s my baby daddy!!! HA HA HA Get real Joe

  37. I’m glad I don’t shop at K-Mart. I don’t wanna be gettin preggers.

  38. cupcakesonfire

    For a split second, it really looked like he was speaking German. Yes, the first few words were typed THAT badly.

  39. ….Oh wow. I actually threw up in my mouth a little on that one.

  40. oh my

  41. DazedandAmazed

    This guy could have just been taken straight out of the movie Idiocracy. He could have been a doctor or a lawyer…

  42. Oh, fuck mustard. Someone please neuter this kid.

  43. I didn’t know K-Fed had a facebook account….

    @Mysterygoose – you’re awesome, you owned the comments!

  44. I thought guys who finished Schul went on to college to work on their pre-med or lawschool. Or maybe he wants to be a Rabbi?

  45. K-Mart and Facebook are NOT “Thug Life”…

  46. Bitches be lovin the red vest lmao

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