Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gettin’ Ghetto

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  1. I think we need to impose (this is spelled correctly in this context) a spelling, language and grammar test for those who wish to text or use any social media. If you can not get at least a passing grade you should be denied a computer/phone/ and also be tied to a tree with a sign on your arse that says “Kick me as hard as you can.”

  2. I love how Shaniqua tried to be all discreet about her tampon change, and then decided to shout it out to the world afterwards. What a winner!

  3. This. Is. Fake.

  4. I prefer to Shit Corn.

  5. I call bullshit. Shaniqua was riding the bus because she’s black.

  6. I’m waiting for ytmutant to appear in a puff of smoke yelling: “WHO SUMMONED ME?”

  7. I fucked Shaniqua on her period.

  8. what is ‘sugar’ a methaphor for?

  9. I did kind of laugh at Hector

  10. Shaniqua needs to learn to plan her day better.

    So Hector’s not allowed to take a shit but he is allowed to sit in class playing on his phone? Sounds like a fantastic educational facility.

    I have nothing to say about the third one.

  11. Sugar is code for crack, you know how the coloreds love their crack.

  12. She could do without sugar for a while…

  13. yes capn, like I said – a methaphor.

  14. laugh.out.loud

    Remember the girl who was late, to work and had to drive like “Mario and Dreddy” sigh, I miss the old lamebook.

  15. Shaniqua – what a lady.

  16. What’s even better is the 3rd one graduated from college 5 years ago, AND where she’s living probably means she is a contractor of some sort for the government. ‘MERICA MOTHERFUCKERS!!

    Hector was mildly amusing though.

  17. laugh.out.loud

    Well played msanne 🙂

  18. just ignore me. puns don’t count.

  19. Imamofo Tip of the Day:

    Women, constantly walk around with a fucking bath sponge jammed up your cunt to avoid being caught short by your gash blood.

    You’re welcome.

  20. If that bitch is on sweet sweet meth, I’ll eat a bucket of fried chicken.

  21. Dear Bacchante, you eat a bucket of fried chicken and I’ll buy you a fucking watermelon.

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