Friday, July 22, 2011

Gettin’ Pwned!

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  1. Testicular Cancer!!

  2. I’d smash

  3. am i an idiot? i don’t get the first one. i mean i’ve seen this trick played out on lamebook before where someone actually types their password and it’s funny, but i don’t get nurina’s comments.

  4. Really Bobular? Nurina’s first comment is her password, then the next one is someone hacking into her facebook account and giving her that status.

  5. It took her 2 days to come up with a comeback though.

  6. Ever think that maybe she doesn’t get on FB every day?

  7. typical slut assumes typical things.

  8. I <3 trolls!

  9. I’m so torn. Her finger seems kind of stubby. However, she has great teeth. I guess I’d rape her, but I wouldn’t be happy about it.

  10. ^^ dude wtf

  11. “I’d rape her” isn’t a compliment, whether you’d be happy about it or not.


  13. ur the best fuck i ever had…hahaha

  14. It took me entirely too long to get the first one and for that I am slightly ashamed…P.S. Soup is clearly winning.

  15. The first one is a rip off of a thing… old

  16. SOUP LOL

  17. LOL Soup! Keona, get your ass back to the death star! We have some thrashing to do!

  18. That is a stubby finger, makes sense to use it as a small penisk measuring stick.

  19. Soup FTW …. thanks for the cooking tips.

  20. Rape jokes…funny. Shame thats the only way it would ever happen hey?

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