Friday, July 22, 2011

Ghettin’ Told

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  2. ^^ Get a life


    You jelly?

  4. Who didn’t cry at the end of Marley and Me though?

    I guess cat people.

  5. Parent ownage.

  6. The real sSteveeeer is gay

    Steeeeeeeeveeeeeeerrrrr likes it up the ass !!!

  7. dies xis gouy iz lyke a berry byad ess thhoug ehh-hie mah be sellyng som marry jayne.

  8. ROFL!!! I like the way Chris’ dad thinks!

  9. This one girl that I know always calls me white boy. I wouldn’t mind it because it’s not racist but she’s just as white as I am.. I guess because she’s dating a black dude she is now black??

  10. Yes indeed. Open commenting has not only increased the number of comments, it has most certainly raised the level of discourse as well. Bravo Lamebook.

  11. Soup loves it up the ass

  12. “Oh, Soup likes puppies. tee hee. Soup likes jelly beans. What a queer. Burn.”

    That’s no secret. Raise your game.


    “Soup is gay” is gay!
    ps. the # of complete idiots on the comments has increased recently by approximately 500%; however, the # of totally awesome wicked handsome men, has remained constant at 1 (me)

  14. As surely as night follows day (or the other way around), this open commenting was going to cause this kind of bullshit. The only thing I’m surprised about is that there hasn’t been more of it. Yet. Yeah, awesome job, Lamebook.

  15. And I’ve gone back to the little w. Because I can.

  16. Iluvsteeeeeveeeer

    Leave Steeeeveeeeer alone – He is THE man!

  17. ass,ass,have you seen it?

    The comments have always been full of inane bullshit, dry your tears

  18. Have you guys heard the news? Some shit going on in Norway!

  19. the % of complete idiots on the comments has increased recently by approximately 500%; Put this in your STEVEEEER for one hour.
    499% of readers won’t reSteeeeve this because they don’t even know how to comment with an open comment.

  20. What’s with all the white peasants trying to pretend they’re black? Isn’t being white just awesome?

  21. Oh, and Ladyda: there isn’t a “499% of readers”, nor can there be. That’s exactly 399% more than the existing readers. You know that, right?

  22. “shir”? Over 80 people are dead, jerk. Aaaand according to the news, THIS TIME it was a catholic fundamentalist…

  23. Yeah.I’d “like” Lamebook on Facebook if there weren’t so many morons commenting.

  24. Cunt

  25. whatch u peeps arre taylkin ebouut?

    mie sphellin’ bad nut means eye ediot.

  26. Why do more people comment on the comments than on the actual post? Seems kinda dumb.

    On that note….total hypocrite here. But I did “lol” at at both of these.

  27. I hate white people who try to act black….or like a gangster in general. You’re white. Learn it, live with it, and love it.

  28. I feel very established and awesome with my return to the small w.

    @21 Keyser are you retarded? Ladyda was making a joke, mocking the stupid trend that consumes Facebook. Clearly it went over your head. I feel I have to point this out, because I’m the head bitch of LB, with my cronies following at my feet.

    Basically x % of people won’t repost this blah blah blah.
    Repost if you’re one of the other few %.

  29. @ Keyser:
    A 499% raise means that there was a five fold increase, not that 499% is the total.
    Math correction fail.

  30. @word: yes, I’m retarded; what’s your excuse? I didn’t get the joke, though, you’re right. I don’t f/b much. I just wander around the house in my velcro shoes and helmet.

    @raspberry: There can be a 499% increase. After that, the new total is -once again- 100%, regardless of what the increase was. Double fail fail.

  31. Hey, Keyser, you know that’s not me who addressed you, right? It’s Keona. So if anyone’s retarded around here, it’s her. Changing your name to whatever you want it to be is what this open commenting allows you to do. Seriously fucking stupid.

  32. I agree.

  33. @31 wordperv: Thanks for the heads up. Didn’t know what all the fuss was about concerning this open commenting thing. Now I’m educated. I vaguely remember Keona, methinks.

    And…uuuuuh, Kim (?), how much you sell me loocde tuv?

  34. @Keyser_Soze
    I was referring to Ste(insert variable amount of e’s)ver´s comment #13. He mentioned 500%.
    Good to see you are with the program regarding this open commenting thing. It has now changed back into log-in commenting again, but I´m sure you will get that down in a while too. Stay focussed buddy.

    Thanks wordpervert for standing up for my joke. You are truely a head bitch and I think I love you.

  35. This shit is getting annoying..

  36. Hey Keona, I would love to have sex with you.

  37. HA HA HA, even a Sith Lord can joke around.

  38. My mommy hurt my head.
    My mommy hurt my head.

  39. For a moment my eyes lit up and I got rather excited to see Hobo. Fuckers.

  40. Hobo with head trauma… maybe.
    The comment lacks a certain… je ne sais quoi…. Cynicism?

  41. vaginalroundhouse

    I really dislike black people.


    *puts on kanye shades* Vaginalroundhouse doesn’t care about black people.

  43. Perhaps she meant ‘too many white people in this club to choose from, as I would never choose a black.’

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