Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Go Go Power Ranger!

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  1. Lying, Fake, First!

  2. Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever!!!1!!eleven!

  3. Were you depressed because your mom spelled your name incorrectly?

  4. He was depressed because he realized in Spanish class that his name was pronounced Za-caca.

  5. He was depressed because it takes him months to formulate his thoughts to put together this lame ass post. He should have just done us all a favour and taken a cyanide koolaid.

  6. ^ His nickname would have been “cerote.”

  7. Dammit, Carib.

  8. These teens got fast fingers…

  9. ^I’m a grown ass man.

  10. ^ *Wo-man

  11. beatusmongous

    Carib is an ass man.

  12. ^Stop making Elsior jealous, beatus.

  13. beatusmongous

    ^ That’s impossible. A scouring pad makes that boy jealous.

  14. So the Batman/Post office one, everyone thought was cute – but this Power Ranger one, everyone’s jumping on Zakk’s bandwagon?
    He may have depression, but you all have bipolar.

  15. He was depressed because (a) he was in a mall (b) he was in a mall with his mom (c) he was wearing a power-ranger suit.

  16. And speaking of Elsior, looks like his mom caught him on the pc again and he’s had his internet priviledges revoked for a while.

  17. ^hell he has 2 jerk off w his crusty old penthouse mags

  18. He doesn’t need Penthouse. That boy fancies a wank after perusing the pictures in National Geographic’s Aardvark Special.

  19. I think this post is adorable. How can you not?

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