Monday, September 26, 2011


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  1. Sobchako!!!

  2. God has no glory-hole in his truckstop toilet stall and yet I still face-fuck him.

  3. why would you say such a thing?

  4. Yeah, #2 That’s taking it too far and its not even funny.

  5. i agree with the not funny part, but taking it too far? you need to get out of the house more, jeez.

  6. If God’s such a badass he could’ve avoided comment 2 by declining to invent truckstops, toilet stalls, glory holes, faces and penises.

    But He didn’t. So by some simple logical conclusions, we can agree that He wanted to end up face-fucked by a rampant chucho…

    It’s actually right here in my Bible, ‘Let the weary come unto me and I will give them rest(room blowjobs)’ (my brackets).

  7. I did not question the furor of his comment, just where is it coming from… was he molested? or merely he is an atheist with nothing else to do than talking about something according to them does not exist.

  8. These comments made me laugh out loud. Herna, you’re a twat.

  9. This mythical God would give awesome BJ’s

  10. I believe talking to, following, and being in contact with someone who doesn’t respond to your advances is called ‘stalking’.

  11. @3, 4, and 7


  12. This is your final warning. Do not question the furor of my hernia.

    That is all.

  13. I find he’s better at tossing my salad than noshing me off.

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