Thursday, May 12, 2011

Good Burn, Man!

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  1. Ian Perrie For PM

    Hahaha mum got him

  2. ifitwerentformyhorse

    That’s what you get for being an ass, Dave.

  3. @1 – what’s mum got to do with it?

  4. …Got to do with it,
    What’s mum, but your sexy female parent?

  5. God damnit I actually sang that

  6. KaZINGER, Goodman!

  7. This is one of those posts where the comments are funnier than the actual content.

  8. iamamofoisanunfunnytroll

    @urinal cake
    Go drink your URINE,Bear Grylls style lol. Whiney ass people on Lamebook. Just leave the site if you don’t find it funny and stop bitching about it.

  9. I think they thought it was “Good burn, mum” as the title, because I did when I read it the first time. Then reread it after I read the post and realized my mistake.

  10. So its ‘Daniela Davey’ then? Good censoring there.

  11. @cockenyplebel

    i think it refers to dave the douchebag, @enjoy the single life davy’ like a patronising little ruffle on the head

  12. CommentsAtLarge

    I think #4 just Tina Turner-rolled us.

  13. Honestly Goodman sounds like a douche. You’re all assuming Dave is a douchebag because he told him to go fuck himself?

  14. @ Bustbeta. Ta v much, that makes sense. I just assume now that LB dropped the ball when I see such posts.

  15. @Comments Tina Turner-rolling sounds far better than rickrolling. In fact, compared to all types of rolling I’d say it was better than all the rest.

  16. Whiners

  17. Hawkbit, I actually Hawk a bit when I pronounce your name. Just a fun fact.

  18. @silfaen i dont know if dave is a douchebag or not i just really love using the word ‘douchebag’

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