Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good One!

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  2. ^^^Shut yo mouth! SHAFT!


  4. #1. lame execution of a trite, flogged-out kitchen joke [x] with a forever alone riposte twist [x]; an almost complete lack of punctuation [x]; and at least one stupid name [x].

    #2. pervy, stalky teen [x]; sexual subjugation of women [x]; unusually high number of likes [x].

    #3. reckless endangerment, possibly creating evidence to be used against you in a court of law [x].

    Its all about a shameless lack of originality anyway, we may as well cobble together a lamebook bingo card.

  5. Skye must just go to the fridge, not open it. Or else she works it off with all the sex.

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I vote for the sex Hawkbit, that girl is not fat.

  7. nalin is nailin no one

  8. so the fake ones are not blurred out or…?

  9. ^..or the real joke is the slut pose “skye” is pulling.

  10. Wow Msanne really hates fun doesn’t she.

  11. ^ Point out the fun sections of the O.P.s to me, Evilcow. You lack credibility.

  12. did I state somewhere there that this is not fun, heifer?

    I mean, for sure it certainly isn’t fun, but I did not state that earlier. You just assumed it because you have the soul of a thwarted goblin.

  13. I didn’t say these pictures were fun, but pointing out the politically incorrect aspects of them is about as bitchy and un-fun as you can get.

  14. What in comment #4 was pointing out politically incorrect aspects of the O.P.s?
    I posit that our anti-hero, MsAnneThrope, was pointing out the clichés and oft-repeated themes of Lamebook.

  15. Isn’t lamebook a sort of political system?

  16. No, its merely a website dedicated to the posting of the lamest of Facebook.

  17. *it’s. Dammit!

  18. ^some days you’re the bug, and some days you’re the bug that makes a lot of typos.

  19. I blame giraffes.

  20. ^No way flamingos are to blame.

  21. ^ nope. Treponema pallidum.

  22. I don’t have Phyllis.

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