Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grandma Doesn’t Forget…

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  1. Fake… how many grandmas have the name Krystal with a “K”???

  2. And how many use “LOL”? I’d believe it if she were a younger grandma, but from her picture she’s pretty old.

  3. good points ^^ noted. fake!

  4. I know a few late 60 year old Krystals with a K who overuse internet lingo thinking it looks cool. And some people look old well before their time.

    That’s not to say I think it’s real though. Just that especially the name isn’t an indication.

  5. Faaake. Why bother?

  6. Heaven isn’t real. Totally fake.

  7. Don’t care if it’s fake or not, but if you’re that old to have a dead spouse (and look like the grandmother), and you’re still insecure and jealous, you have serious issues.

  8. Forget all of your reasons, it’s fake because that is the default default picture picture for grandmas in lamebook posts. Unless there’s an elderly woman with a multitude of secret lives and has the same picture for all of her separate facebook accounts.

  9. Lying, cheating bastards get such a bad rap, but they’re PEOPLE, with feelings too! The fault isn’t with *them*, it’s with you for not being good enough

  10. Who cares if its fake? why does that matter? Fucking best post yet. Wish my grandma was that funny.

  11. this is bullshit

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