Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Make A Good Point…

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  1. True dat…

  2. The first one would’ve been somewhat funnier if he’d said both things in one post. As it is, he looks like that lame guy who waits like five minutes and then gives a comeback.

  3. That would be true except Facebook recently changed how comments work so that if you hit [return] it immediately posts your comment instead of adding a line break like it used to. Now if you want to post a comment with line breaks you have to write it in a text editor and then paste it in.

  4. I guess James would love to unfriend Rick now. Yet, he can’t or he would violate the Facebook protocol.

  5. scd, on PCs you can also add line breaks by holding the shift button down as you hit enter. Not sure about Macs, though.

  6. Bullshit – Aladdin, didn’t do any of those things – unless you are talking about the Disney version, not the original Arabian Nights version (which kicks Walts sagging, dead shit-pipe of a story)

  7. Yeah, you can still hard enter in comments. And I’m guessing that he did mean the Disney version.

  8. LMMFAO… I know that James! hahahahahaa

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