Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GRANDMApped is NSFW! We warned you. If you haven’t been tricked into visiting this site before reading this post, we do not recommend it.

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  1. lol

  2. @Word, they should keep it to themselves though. I’m sure this post as blinded half the lamebook community.

  3. Black, with what I’ve seen on porn over the years, looking at 3 old bastards sucking cock is an easy do.

  4. oh god. Next time I will look to see if there is a NSFW warning BEFORE I look at the website.

  5. @naaice
    There is.

  6. LOL.

  7. haha Todd is a dick.

  8. dietpillpyramidscheme

    My mental defense mechinism is to assume everything is fake.

    Two girls one cup, I like to think was chocolate or something. I mean, hey, the scene in Trainspotting, ‘The dirtiest toilet in Glasgow’ was actually chocolate, and reportedly smelled quite pleasant.

  9. I didn’t mind lemonparty or tubgirl or two girls one cup.

    Yeah, they were gross… but not so much that I had to turn them off. Or even stop masturbating.

    The one that got me, was that f*cked up video out there with those 3 kids in some European country (Germany maybe?) that are beating a man to death with a hammer. Not only did I put down the lube for that, I even closed the video after about 90 seconds… if that.

  10. Ah malteaser, eloquent as usual. Ahem, anyway, I’d love to see granny’s comment after seeing the porn. Probably something like “that’s not how they did it in my day, sonny!”


    I’m now going to say that whenever I’m in distress.

  12. So after reading the NSFW warning, I just *had* to check out lemonparty and I may have vommed a bit in my mouth. Was not expecting that. Also, after having successfully avoided seeing Tubgirl after hearing it was rancid, I also checked that out too. Well, now I think I’m almost up to speed with the interweb. Damn.

    I’m a high school teacher, and one of my students in Grade 11 almost got me with He said I must check out the website ‘pen island dot com’. I thought it sounded harmless and he said it was really funny. I typed it in the browser (which was being projected on the board behind me) and when I pushed enter I saw the penis land and realized I was being set up! Luckily I stopped it before any offensive pictures came up. The boy could not stop laughing. Good times. :p

  13. Niknak…I laughed throughout reading your entire post.
    hahah that’s terrible…but so funny.

  14. Great, now I have to poke my eyes out.

  15. Oh the hilarity!

  16. Hahahahahah! She’s in for a surprise.

  17. @Slimjays,

    Hmmm. Maybe if they shook her up first.

  18. I gotta say I’m also a bit surprised about the people who can’t understand how some of us have avoided all the “legends” out there. It’s actually quite simple. If you don’t seek it out, you don’t get to see it.
    But like MonkeyC I thank you all for the education 🙂

    @65 seledoux
    who doesn’t love zombie sex?


    ^^ this is actually really funny!!!!

  20. This is definitely the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Flashbacks to Fresh Prince.

  21. I fucked grandma Diane.

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