Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hacking Disorder

Hacking Disorder

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  1. Awesome, this troll has gone second generation!

    I’m not sure where I described my trolling as a joke or as wit. However, roofie thought it was a joke and it led to the comments that caused Jake to write “LMAO”, suggesting that Hannah and Scott also found it either funny or witty.

    I’m also not sure that I attempted to “deconstruct psychobabble” either, I thought it was more of a parody. With “babble” meaning incoherent and “deconstruct” meaning to analyse rigorously, I’d suggest that “deconstructing psychobabble” is an exercise in futility anyway.

    But I’ll let you know when I come up with something more original like telling someone that they are not funny, because that is utter fucking original genius. In return, let me know when you come up with a joke that EVERYONE finds funny Derby. For he record, the “Aren’t jokes meant to be funny?” joke is hopelessly old and witless.

    Please note, none of the above is intended to be funny or witty, it is intended to to convey to you that I think you are a lame, boring, witless dullard.

    I note this is your first post in the exchange. I’m sure you’ll do better next time.

  2. I honestly don’t think we can tell from the information given if Hannah is actually in need of help and pushing people away or if Scott is just presumptive and controlling. I wrote two theses and spoke at APA on the complexities of romantic relationships for ED patients and their partners… and from what I found, either situation happening here is the tragic kind of lame that’s so bad that we can’t even get the kind of Schadenfreude most lame Facebook give us (hence the amazingness of this blog). Sure this is lame, but not the kind of lame that is amusing to point out or look at.

  3. Scott is her dad, Mr Jason who wrote two theses and spoke at the APA but still can’t read.

  4. I like that men are the enemy. LOL

  5. This sounds like the guy was in desperate need for help with his girlfriend’s problem. Though it’s not right for him to go into her facebook, he had all the right intentions. Pity, her dad and friends didn’t care. They just seemed to care that he made that status.

  6. “Aren’t jokes meant to be funny” was ever actually considered a joke? And here was me thinking I was merely pointing out your blatent lack of wit. My mistake.

  7. Oh yeh, really original Derby, just go ahead and steal my “I wasn’t making a joke” point. Cocksucker.

    “I note this is your first post in the exchange. I’m sure you’ll do better next time.” I guess I was wrong.

    “And here was me thinking I was merely pointing out your blatent [sic] lack of wit. My mistake.” And yet you failed to acknowledge the fact that several subsequent people who commented clearly thought it was funny. You are pathetic.


  8. The fact that you have clearly spent an amount of time scrolling through the comments section for the names of a couple of people who agree with you is the truly pathetic part.

  9. The fact that you have been utterly destroyed, but still come back for more, is far more pathetic.

  10. God you’re a loser. You do realise that I could just as easily claim to have “destroyed” you?
    It’s one persons word against another, and in your desperate need to “win” this, you keep coming up with lamer and lamer attempts to close with a flourish, declaring yourself victorious.
    Move on.

  11. Seriously, all I and a couple of other people (eg Goldenfry) did was point out that your post was pretty unoriginal and stereotypical. And then it starts out this crap. This is why I keep telling myself to leave internet forums alone.
    And don’t take this as support for Derby either. I mean thanks for the support and all, but I can fight my own battles dude.
    And this one so isn’t worth it.

  12. Yay for Jelly. Lameness was the goal.

    RIP Psych101

  13. hahahahahahaha
    lol lol this is fucking classic!!
    i started to read all this shit but then i remembered that i have a life!!!!
    oh my god please can everyone just grow up
    this isnt a site where u get to share ur life stories its a site where u go to have a f^^&*^ laugh!!!!
    everyone lighten up seriously

  14. Hi Angie. On behalf of the rest of the visitors to this site, shut your god damn fucking ignorant mouth. Do you run the site? Hmm? No, of course you fucking don’t. So stop playing armchair administrator and shut your fucking bitch face up.

  15. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, not actual hell of course, just a really hell-ish reality where everyone hates the shit out of you cause your an interfering ass

  16. “Recent” boyfriend? I can’t even begin to figure why he isn’t the “current” boyfriend. 🙁

  17. First time caller, long time listener but my pedant alarm went off…..

    Slander is for the spoken word
    Libel is for the written word
    Get it right DAD

  18. @Silvertone

    actually, stuff like email, IM, facebook etc etc usually comes under slander. libel isn’t an issue of whether it’s “written” just whether it’s published widely.

    you can libel someone on the radio or with a giant megaphone too.

  19. @orvillelunsford

    I know I’m a few months behind the discussion here but I’m new to Lamebook and just catching up so forgive me.

    Anyway orvillelunsford, I’m afraid you are not quite correct either. Slander does GENERALLY refer to defamation by spoken word, and libel GENERALLY refers to defamation in writing. However as we know with most things it is not quite that simple.

    The distinction has nothing to do with how widely something is published – it depends on how fleeting the form of communication is. So you can’t actually LIBEL someone with a giant megaphone at all…but also you CAN libel someone on Facebook as it is not “fleeting” because you can’t delete statuses and there will always be a record of it somewhere and on other people’s pages as well.

    Now us pedants can rest easy 🙂

  20. *we pedants. 😛 Couldn’t resist

  21. It’s sad that the comments have been derailed by Derby’s complaining and Psych101’s defensiveness about his own lack of funniness. Yes, Psych101, we could see you were trying to make a joke. Yes, we appreciated this. And you were not funny. And your follow-up to Derby’s comments were so hilariously whiny that you’ve diminished your humor even further. Please try harder next time, good sir.

    Also: Paddy, I really hope you were trolling, because if not your views of romance have been seriously screwed.

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