Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I’d Like to Buy a Vow

I'd Like to Buy a Vow

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  1. @Canuck, how about you shut the fuck up? kay thanks.
    I’m not a retard, and using that word is offensive to people who are.
    You’re a fine example of a human being, now aren’t you?
    && If you are Canadian, I’m really ashamed to be from the same country as you.
    For you, clearly have no consideration for anyone.
    Get over it and shut up.
    It wasn’t even your argument.
    && Sorry I’m not some fat lazy 30 year old person who “trolls” and has nothing better to do with their time than bitch at other people, whom they do not know.
    BTW, I was taught to put periods/ question marks inside the quotation marks.

  2. Yep, she’s a precious little bitch alright.

  3. @Stella

    “Iā€™m not a retard, and using that word is offensive to people who are.”

    So.. you found it offensive I take it?

    “BTW, I was taught to put periods/ question marks inside the quotation marks.”

    No, unless your teacher was an idiot, you were TAUGHT the proper way to do it, but LEARNED the wrong way. There is a difference, and it results from you being a retard.

    Even here you were SHOWN how it is done properly and yet you STILL insist that your ignorant error is actually the right way. That makes you a certified Grade F retard.

    Have a nice day and remember to swallow the drool before you lie down – we wouldn’t want you to drown.

  4. @Karmakaze
    LOL they should have an “i like” button for comments. that was hilarious.

  5. I'm canadian, too

    Stella, honey, you’re trying really hard, and I get the whole Canadians do some things differently than the Brits, the Aussies, and, the Americans. But, they are all right. The ? goes outside in that particular sentence. Even in Canada.

  6. I'm canadian also

    – question marks and quotation marks outside quote (unless they are being quoted).

    – commas and periods go on the inside of quotes.

    says my Canadian English prof. Ph.D

  7. In the US, it’d be put inside, regardless of the quotation or not. We’re a backwards fucking country.

  8. Hah! Wheel of Fortune…

    Let’s hope this was not the riddle:

    G _ F _ CK
    Y _ _ RS _ LF

  9. Maybe she was spelling vows phoenetically… maybe that’s how she pronounces vows… v o w e l s

  10. @Waffley Your Princess Bride reference makes this even better.

  11. Hahaha… I didn’t plan on making a comment, just coming to read them, but below the comment box is an ad for GRAMMAR CORRECTION hahaha… You can’t beat irony šŸ™‚

  12. Maybe it was like, “Ay, I Love You.” “Oh!” “EEEEEE”

    Not sure sometimes why I am the way I am.

  13. LOL Darrell

  14. #57 Haha.

    Are you sure? I think regardless of what english speaking country you a from, in this case, the question mark sits OUTSIDE of the quotation marks. This is because, the question was the entire sentence, not just the two words he was quoting. People don’t ‘exchange vow?’, then again, people don’t ‘exchange vow’ either, but that was the point he was making.

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